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The Easiest Mother’s Day Gift, for under $50: Eat This


Disclaimer #1: I am obsessed with this company.

Disclaimer #2: Oprah is obsessed with this company.

Disclaimer #3: If you’re not obsessed with this company, you’re pretty much saying that I’m wrong, and Oprah is wrong. Which, as we all know, is impossible.

Strawberry and Elderflower Preserve

Let’s start from the top. The chef behind, Eat This, is Gino De Schrijver. Gino and his partner David have been a part of my life – and not just a part of my life, but a part of my family – for as long as I can remember. They’ve seen me grow up, we’ve had countless Thanksgivings together, Gino was at my wedding… I mean, the list goes on, and on, and on.  Gino was my Grandfather’s chef, while David helped run my Grandfather’s household.

Collectively, they’ve been expanding my culinary horizons for over 20 years.

Jam Futures, and the Eat This Mother’s Day Package

I remember the first time I watched Gino make salad dressing. I was probably 10, and it absolutely blew my mind that you could actually make salad dressing. It didn’t have to come from a bottle?!? What??? He showed me how to use mustard as the emulsifier, he explained that adding finely chopped shallots would help give the dressing a more well rounded flavor, and he let me in on the secret that “just a little bit of honey” was the best sweetener. To this day, every time I make salad dressing from scratch, I think of him.

After my Grandfather passed away, Gino and David moved to Pennsylvania, and a couple of years later, they started Eat This. They started by selling their jams and marmalades at local farmer’s markets, and soon enough their products gained national acclaim. It really is no wonder. Their products use only the finest ingredients, their packaging is incredible, and their flavors are unlike any other.

From their website: “Our focus is on artisanal homegrown and locally-produced ingredients. At Eat This we believe that using simple wholesome ingredients is the key to producing quality products. Everything is made from scratch without any artificial ingredients or preservatives.”

Eat This: Mother’s Day Package
How I like to serve the Olive Oil Cake
William is a big fan too!

If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for under $50… check out their Mother’s Day Gift Set >>> here. It includes one of their fabulous Lemon Olive Oil cakes, and their Apricot Vanilla and Lavender Preserve, their Strawberry and Elderflower Preserve, and their Raspberry Chambord Preserve. <<< These are all my favorites, and I promise it will be a thoughtful and unique gift that  any mom on your list will absolutely love!

I also love Eat This products, because they make amazing hostess gifts. As someone who constantly seems to be hosting at a moment’s notice, their marmalades always help me out when I’m in an “entertaining pinch”. I’ll throw one of their jams over a block of cream cheese – it makes the easiest appetizer ever for unexpected guests. Or I’ll throw one of their marmalades (this bacon one is TO DIE FOR) on top of chicken breasts or shrimp, and it looks like I was slaving over the stove for hours. <<< Aint nobody got time for that! Not only that… I love adding their jams and marmalades to our cocktails for a little something extra – see below.


Fig, Lemon and Honey Preserve


Eat This was also featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things – 2014. Their Raspberry and Chambord preserve (below) is evidently Gayle’s favorite. So if you don’t want to take my word for it… at least take Oprah and Gayle’s.

“Whether you spread them on a scone with clotted cream or use them to glaze chicken or fish, these artisanal, locally produced jams and marmalades—Gayle loves the Raspberry and Chambord—will give your meals a fruitful upgrade,” – O Magazine


So there you have it… the perfect Mother’s Day Gift, Hostess gift, or really anytime gift, for under $50! And hopefully we’ve introduced you to a company you may have missed! XooX

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