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Sunnies: Prada,
Dress: Somedays Lovin’ ($99),
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff – It’s the perfect summer clutch and SO on sale

When I was 9 months pregnant with William, I had this night where I just really missed wearing dresses. I was pretty much living in one pair of maternity jeans and one shirt (see here)… and that outfit was on repeat… like every day.
Anyhow, on this particular night, my husband and I were laying in bed watching TV. I was in my pillow fort (don’t miss that thing) and I was struggling to breathe… that happened ALOT during that last month (gahh it seems like a lifetime ago). So I was trying to get comfortable, when all of a sudden my phone lit up. The Revolve Clothing app- which I love btw – was telling me about all their new “fun in the sun” summer dresses that were in stock.
I meannnn…. As much as I hate to break myself away from Wicked Tuna…

I was like a kid in a candy store.

On the Revolve app you can “heart” or “favorite” all the styles you love and I was just laying there – baby belly out… “hearting” away. I think I have something like 800 favorite items now. 
It’s a problem for sure.

So I’m sitting there exclaiming “Oh my gosh.. I love this one! I really love that one!”… and my husband actually pauses Wicked Tuna to say, “Em… how many more dresses do you need? Why don’t you wait until after the baby?”

Well sweetie, fashion waits for no pregnant woman. Sorry I’m not sorry. And hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman scorned (remember? here). So halfway to prove a point (so mature, I know) and halfway because I just couldn’t contain myself,  I ordered about 5 “fun” summer dresses.

Is binge shopping a thing? I guess it’s better than binge drinking… but part of me is starting to wonder…

Anyhow – my dresses came in the mail – and stupidly I tried them on… 9 month pregnant baby belly and all. This dress was one of those dresses. As it turned out, my husband had been right. I felt completely dejected. Not only did the dresses not fit – it was looking like they’d never fit… EVER.

I reasoned that I had 30 days to return them, and once I had William I would try them on again.

Ok… fast forward three weeks. William had come into the world, I was about two weeks post partum, and I had 2 days to decide if I was going to return the dresses or not. I had been wearing my post partum corset all night, I wasn’t quite back into my skinny jeans yet, but I was feeling good. So again I tried on the dresses.


NONE of them fit over my boobs.

I was devastated. Would I ever be back to my normal size?

It was a moment of reckoning for me. I still had a ways to go and I needed to get healthier – not only to fit into the dresses but also for my baby. So I decided I’d walk more, I’d eat more lean protein, and I’d definitely be shoveling in the greens. Between a healthier diet, more exercise, and breastfeeding (holy lawddd breastfeeding burns some calories) it wasn’t long before the dresses started to fit better.

Every week I’d try them on and see progress. One of my girlfriends said to me, “It takes nine months to put it on — you think it’s going to take ONE month to lose it? You’re crazy.” And she was right. William turned two months old yesterday and I am almost there. All the dresses finally fit – you’ll see them all posted here (coming soon) and I’m getting back to my pre-baby self.

Ok.. all of that post baby body nonsense aside… let’s talk about floral maxis. They’re my go to for summer and investing in a few good ones will make your life so much easier.

I attended a baby shower this past weekend and had no idea what I was going to wear, and this dress saved me. I threw it on and found that because it was so easy, I had an extra thirty minutes to spare. That is the great thing about floral maxis – they’re versatile and breezy… and they pull your look together instantly. Add some fun jewelry and you’re good to go. So because I was ready for the baby shower half an hour ahead of time (my husband was so proud)… I had time to head out to the backyard to just hang with my family. Still in the dress, I sat on the lawn with William and Henry and wasn’t once worried about ruining it or getting it wrinkled. In my opinion that’s how you measure great clothing… it should be beautiful and you should be able to forget you’re wearing it.
Unfortunately, right before this was posted – this dress sold out on every website I could find it on. So… I have picked some additional floral favorites for you to shop! Enjoy!

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