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First Trimester Diary Round 2


First Trimester Diary Round 2

I cannot believe my first trimester is already over! I feel such a weight off after announcing last night and I am just so excited that I don’t have to hide this bump anymore!!!  I have been keeping a little diary going on my Notes app soo I can fill you all in on everything that’s been going on this past few months! I wrote down everything from weird cravings and aversions, symptoms and my favorite products. This pregnancy is already so different so far and it was so wild to go back and read my First Trimester Diary from Baby Joe! This pregnancy is already so different than my last!  I think partly because I know exactly what to expect, I am SO much calmer.  I remember last time I was almost paralyzed with fear – but now I feel so ready, settled, and more experienced.  

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How I Knew

I took three tests over the weekend  Baby Andrew was born because I was getting afternoon nausea, bloating and fatigue.  No matter what, I just felt SO tired.  That next Tuesday, a faint line showed up (three days before my period) – and they got darker and darker the more tests I took. My nose also became super sensitive – I could smell Baby J’s diaper two rooms away, the smell of any meat made me wanna heave.  We had been trying for a few months before! 


The symptoms are pretty similar to the last time around, my skin is trash, feeling tired, and of course lots of peeing. I was SUPER bloated the first month after I found out but that calmed down a little bit. I think my emotions are much more in check this time too. I still cry at the smallest things, but I haven’t thrown a grilled cheese at my husband’s head yet so we are on the up and up LOL.  I am at the age (geriatric – hate that word) where they watch me super close which makes me feel so much better on the anxiety front. I think chasing after Baby Joe has been a good distraction from everything! 



I am SO hungry – like bottomless pit hungry. I can finally stomach healthier things like vegetables which, thank god, because for 3 months I’ve just been eating carbs. My cravings have been SUPER specific. I’m really into bologna sandwiches on white bread, sourdough toast with orange marmalade, strawberry lemonade, and shirley temples, citrus smoothies, Wetzels (but what else is new), all gummies, Hot and Spicy Cheezits,  any kind of cold blended beverage – Sonic Slush, Frosted Lemonade, McFlurry, Slurpee etc. 

Products I’ve Been Loving 

So I knew that you showed earlier and earlier with each baby, but I did not expect how early that would be. In the afternoons, I fully fit into my maternity clothes. So that’s why I haven’t been doing a ton of try ons – I didn’t want to buy new clothes that would only fit me before noon! 

Mamasana Leggings


These are my tried and true favorite maternity pants – I had to bust them out way earlier this time but they are sooooo comfortable! 

 Spanx Mama Ankle Jean-ish Legging


The only maternity jeans I wear! I just haven’t found anything better – I love the non-maternity ones too! 

Skims Maternity 


I love these sculpting shorts for underneath dresses. It makes your bump look like a bump and just smooths everything out. It lifts your butt and gives you that extra bit of support for your growing belly without it being compression. 

Ritual Vitamins


I actually never stopped taking these since my last pregnancy! They have been a favorite for two years now! The taste is the absolute best part.  Use code ASHANDEM10. 



Like I mentioned above, my nose has been SO sensitive – so I am all about the citrus smells in my home. This was one of my fav scents in college too! 



This Amazon massager is truly the gift that keeps on giving. My shoulders, back and feet have been SO sore – and laying in bed with this every night has become the highlight of my day. 



I have been in my bed – A LOT. Curled up in my Barefoot Dreams is my happiest place and with as tired as I am – the only place I have been. 

Heated Blanket


This may be TMI, but I had really bad pregnancy constipation the first few weeks and it just hurt SO bad – this was really the only thing that helped. 

Colleen Cleanser 


My skin has been on one ever since I found out – not as bad as my last pregnancy – but it hasn’t been good. This gentle cleanser has kept everything pretty calm and it doesn’t seem to irritate it even more which  I love. 



Like I mentioned above, my pregnancy nose this time has been very strong – so I love to always have this going! 




Sleep has been TOUGH, so I love diffusing these to help me wind down and the smell helps keep my nausea at bay. 


Cryo Roller


Nothing helps with my morning puffiness like this roller! I keep it in the freezer and roll roll roll every morning! 


Cool Nights PJs


I love these non-maternity PJs (I size up for pregnancy and postpartum) – they are cooling which is amazing for those night sweats! 


Albanese Gummy Bears



Can’t stop – won’t stop. These have been my number one craving! 

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from the Ashley and Emily blog shares her First Trimester Diary round two - all the signs & symptoms! Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from the Ashley and Emily blog shares her First Trimester Diary round two - all the signs & symptoms!

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