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How Garmin Keeps Me Healthy and Stress-Free as a New Mom

How Garmin Keeps Me Healthy and Stress-Free as a New Mom

I never thought I would depend on a smartwatch to manage my health and stress, but once Garmin came into our lives last year, I realized how much I had been missing out on! We’re all used to hearing about Apple and FitBit, but the vivomove series from Garmin has something neither of those do: the looks!

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I love my vivomove Luxe because it doesn’t look like your typical, sometimes bulky, smartwatch. Instead, it’s sleek and looks like a normal everyday watch, which makes it easy to wear. I rarely take this watch off as it looks great with athleisure, loungewear, or even on a date night when you’re dressed up!

Most especially though, I’ve loved my Garmin during this new-mom phase of my life. Remembering to get up and move my body can be hard when all I’m thinking about is the next nap, feeding, diaper change, etc! Stress rises quickly as a new mama, and the vivomove’s all-day stress tracking feature helps with that. It can sense when your breathing is abnormal and encourages you to take a moment to pause and deep breathe. Sounds simple, but works true wonders!

I of course love tracking my exercise as well. However, because the Garmin (or any smartwatch for that matter) relies on wrist movement to track your steps, pushing a stroller on your daily walk gets in the way. To avoid that and get an accurate step count, fasten the vivomove to your shoelaces (face down) so it picks up your every step! Such a simple hack that takes the stress out of enjoying your stroll with your little while trying to get your steps in.

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a smartwatch, now’s the time to do it. From Monday, June 29 through Sunday, July 5, Garmin is offering 50% off select vivomove HR premium watches, so get on it!


As if you needed any more convincing, here’s a short list of all the features of this amazing smartwatch:


  • Connectivity via Bluetooth capabilities
  • Connected GPS to more accurately track your walks and runs
  • A calendar and the weather so you know what day it is and why it’s so hot!
  • It also provides “Find my phone” and “Find my watch” capabilities and is compatible with iPhones and Androids
  • Step counter
  • Move bar to remind you to get up from your desk and do a lap around the house!
  • Auto goal, which learns your activity level and assigns you a custom, daily step goal
  • Sleep monitoring so you know how well (or not so well) you’re snoozing at night
  • Calories burned
  • Floors climbed
  • Distance traveled
  • Body Battery and all-day stress tracking
  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Water intake

Thank you to Garmin for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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