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Emily’s Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7


Emily’s Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7

Reno Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek, shares her top 35 gifts for kids this holiday season - in her Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7

Hello Everyone! This Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7 was my most requested gift guide of all. Such a large number of you asked about gifts for this age group – so I felt a HUGE amount of responsibility to search far and wide for ALL the best gifts out there. In the end  – This Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7 has….. 35 amazing items on it.

This list took SO long to compile – but I am so happy with the selection we have, and with how it turned out! I really think this is THE best Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7 out there – and it is, in part – thanks to many of you! I used tons of your suggestions! So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your amazing feedback — AND HERE IT IS — The Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7!!!

1.) Squishmallows:  These amazing squishy stuffed animals are THE best! I give them to all my friends’ kids for EVERYTHING. I don’t know what it is but kids are OBSESSED with them. The toy store in our town can’t keep them on the shelves. They are soothing, soft and cute, and they make for a super affordable gift that every kid on your list will love! That is why Squishmallows are number one on my Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7 .

2.) Cash Register: I loved this toy as a kid – I remember how fun pressing the buttons was. I love it even more as an adult. It teaches your kids how to count and the different types of currency as well!

3.)  Amazon Fire Tablets: Both of our boys have these tablets. They are amazing for travel, home, and educational tools alike. Both of our boys have ABC mouse subscriptions, as well as various other educational apps and it helps so much with letter recognition and their school work. I highly recommend these tablets. They are kid safe and have AMAZING parental controls.

4.) Squirrel Game: Another Two Peas Reader recommendation! This has been the BEST-SELLING PRESCHOOL GAME 5 YEARS RUNNING! It reinforces color learning and helps develop matching skills, strategic thinking, turn-taking, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

5.) We’re All Wonders Book:  This is a picture book for younger kids based on the bestselling book, Wonder.  It has inspired a nationwide movement to Choose Kind. It is SO important to me that Joe and I do our part to teach our kids the importance of being kind, and if a book at bedtime can help – I’m all in! Our boys are definitely getting this book for Christmas this year!


6.) Rosie Revere Engineer: AMAZING female protagonist?!? Count me in! This New York Times bestselling picture book is about pursuing your passion with persistence and learning to celebrate each failure on the road to achieving your dreams. Our kids are getting this one, FOR SURE!


7.) Dining Set: I love this modern take on a playroom table – and I know my kids will too! We’re moving some things around in our home in the coming year and one of the biggest plans is to give our kids a REAL, dedicated playroom. This is going in there FOR SURE!

8.) Power Wheels: William had a quad as soon as he could walk – and now we have this car as well. Powerwheels are such a huge hit with the littles. We are getting David his very own this year!

9.) TeePee: This TeePee is so fun for your little one’s playroom! Our boys LOVE theirs – it’s like their very own tent!

10.) Personalized Toy Box: We got these for our kids two years ago and not only do they love that they each have their own place for their toys, but we love them because they help us keep our house “looking” neat and tidy.

11.) Easel: The only way our kids have never drawn on our walls is this easel! We put a big roll of paper up top – one side is for drawing with markers or painting and they use chalk on the other!


12.) Prime Book Box Subscription:  Prime Book Box is a subscription service that delivers hand-picked children’s books every 1, 2, or 3 months based on their age. Such a fun gift to give your kids or your friends’ kids. Discover new family favorites that inspire a love of reading!

13.) Perplexus:  This is a great one for the older kids! It is a challenging and interactive maze game with 125 obstacles. To play, you rotate the Perplexus 360 degrees and move a silver ball through the Perplexus’ numbered track. Great for hand eye coordination and creative problem solving to boot! 

14.) Ride on Rollercoaster: Our friends, Kristin and Jeff, go this for William for his second birthday, and our kids have been obsessed with it ever since.


15.) Matching Game: This game promotes matching and memory, encourages turn-taking and playing together, and features durable tiles featuring your favorite Eric Carle characters!


16.) Play Kitchen: My mom got this for the boys – and I am SO excited to see their faces when they see it!

17.) Moonlite Projector:  Your child’s favorite Disney tales come alive with Moonlite, an easy-to-use storybook projector! This device clips onto your smartphone and uses the your flashlight to project vibrant storybook images onto any surface!


18.) First Cooking Set: Everything your little chef needs for cooking… It includes a rolling pin, pizza cutter, whisk, measuring cups and spoons and more! 


19.) Zinc Flyte Scooter: My girlfriend, Holly, told me about these amazing scooter suitcases! They are SO cool and make traveling a breeze!


20.) Lip Smackers: These are so fun for little girls. Clear lipglosses – so it’s like makeup – but not!


21.) Paint Spinner: Who had one of these as a kid? I loved mine and I know William will love getting this for Christmas!


22.) Ant Farm: This was a Two Peas reader recommendation – THANK YOU CHRISTIE!!! I get super weirded out by the thought of willingly bringing ants into our home – but to help teach some science – I’d do anything!


23.) Water Slide: We got this waterpark this summer and it was AMAZING! You literally never have to leave your backyard!


24.) Doll House: I may buy this for Caroline for when she gets a bit older. It is just so beautiful!


25.) Ride On Horse: These are all the rage this holiday season. The wheels on the horse’s hoofs actually allow your kiddos to “ride” the horse around!


26.) Magnetic Dart Board: This was one of your amazing recommendations! I can only imagine the tournaments we’ll have this winter!


27.) Pop Up Soccer Goal:  We got William a large net earlier this fall and he is obsessed with it – but it was quite expensive. These pop up goals are cool, portable and super affordable as well!

28.) Grow Crystal Set:  I used to love stuff like this as a kid – and I am still obsessed with crystals to this day. This is an awesome kit for the older kiddos!


29.) Bath Markers:  My kids love baths – and these markers make it even MORE fun!


30.) Job Chart:  This is kind of like a gift for them AND a gift for you!


31.) Chalkboard Laptop:  I love the idea that they can “work” just like mom and dad on this and learn how to write at the same time!


32.) ABC Puzzle: We are getting this for David to help with letter recognition!


33.) Bean Bag Chair:  What kid doesn’t love their own bean bag chair?!?! And this HUGE one is SO amazing!


34.) Fishing Game:  Hand eye coordination taken to a whole new level – our boys LOVE this game!


35.) Temporary Tatoos: Last on my Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7… William loves these – and I’ll pick my battles – this isn’t one of them 🙂

36.) Lincoln Logs: Joe and the boys are constantly playing with theirs and I love that these get their little inner architects flowing!

37.) Picassotiles: Like Magnatiles – just half the cost. These are a great STEM toy, and even I love playing and building castles with them!


38.) Personalized LL Bean Sleeping Bag: All kids – no matter the age – love to pretend they’re camping out. Even if it is just on mom and dad’s floor. These sleeping bags are SO warm, super classic, and I love that you can monogram them so there’s no fighting over which bag belongs to who!


39.) Little Passports: A monthly subscription box that teaches your kids about different places in the world. Joe and I – at one point in our lives – really loved to travel. We’ll get there again, it’s just hard with 3 littles, but I like that this box can help instill a little wanderlust for our kiddos!


40.) Crazy Forts:  These boxed sets allow your kids to easily build amazing forts and all you have to do is add bedsheets! So cool – and such a great activity for the whole family on these cold winter days!


If you have something to add to my Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7 – PLEASE let me know! I love putting these together! As always, please feel free to share and pin this image! Be sure to check out our other gift guides here!

Reno Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek, shares her top 35 gifts for kids this holiday season - in her Gift Guide: For Kids 2-7

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