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Happy Birthday Emmy!


Happy Birthday Emmy!

Happy Birthday Emmy Lou!I am so sad we can’t spend your birthday
together. But I promise we will get to celebrate soon when I come home to meet that
beautiful baby of yours. Since you are now a mother I thought I would let the
world- and William know just how amazing you really are and how lucky he is to
have you as his mom.

You are one of the only people in the world I
can truly count on. No matter what time of day it is, or how many miles
separate us, you would do absolutely anything for me (or anyone for that

You have the biggest heart on this planet. You’re the only person I know who can cry during movie previews; and I love you for that. 

You do everything with class and elegance. For
as improper and inappropriate as I am, you are the perfect balance to my crazy.

I love that our idea of a perfect night consists of laying on the couch together, face masks on, wine in hand watching marathons of our favorite shows… House, Real Housewives, Sex and The City, Grey’s. 

Our travel adventures are some of my favorite memories… Chicago, Cabo, Elko, Vegas!

You have been there for every breakup, breakdown, anxiety attack, small victory, new shoes and good news!

You never fail to make me laugh, whether it’s
with me, at me, or everything in between. I have so many memories of us laughing
until we cried.

I love how whenever I have no idea what kind of
recipe to make or what the hell I should put on my cheese tray- you get me out
of that bind in under five minutes- Every. Single. Time.

I had no idea that when we met thirteen (omg) years ago, and bonded over Lip Venom, that we would be here today, but for that, I am the most thankful person in the world. 

And most importantly, like we have said a
million times before, you are my person.

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