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Honeymoon Reading List


Honeymoon Reading List

San Francisco blogger, Ashley Zeal from Two Peas in a Prada shares her honeymoon reading list. She is covering all the best books to read in May 2019.

Our honeymoon was 18 days total with 40 hours of that being on airplanes. Let’s just say I read A LOT, enough to make an entire Honeymoon Reading List. I tried really really hard to not do a ton of work on the trip minus shooting and storying. I pre-wrote all my posts and shot all of the campaigns I needed to do so I could truly just enjoy and relax. That meant I got to do what I love the most: read. I wanted to squeeze in one last book post before the big Summer Book post I am planning on doing – check out last year’s here.

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Honeymoon Reading List


UPDATE: I have JUST started reading again since I got pregnant on this trip – the irony! BUT after attending RISE conference I downloaded SO many good business books based on recommendations by the speakers at the conference. Here is a round-up since we got a request on DM!

Business Books:


Christmas Books:



The Better Sister


This was the only hardcover book I brought. Since I had four bags, I wanted to keep the weight minimal – and thank goodness I did because I got totally screwed by AirAsia – but I am not here to complain about that! The rest, I read on my Kindle Fire which I got a few Christmases ago. I read this book out on the boat when we went fishing – I had planned to read just a little bit in between the fishing action, but surprise surprise I finished the entire thing! It was SO good!

The Mister


Okay, so technically I read this before we left. But I had no idea I would finish it so quickly. This is by the same writer as 50 Shades of Grey – please don’t judge me. But this one was a little different — a lot less BDSM and more romance! I started it on a whim getting my nails done right before the wedding and finished it that night.

The Suspect


Reading a book about missing girls in a foreign country while I was literally on my way around the world probably wasn’t the best idea in hindsight, but oh well. This book was an amazing thriller and had me hooked. I woke up in the middle of the night to finish it because of the time change.

The Proposal


Probably a little cliche to read on a honeymoon, but this was a nice and easy romcom type book. It’s been on my Kindle for quite a while, so it was good to finally get the time to read it. I liked everything about it minus the whole Dodgers thing, #BEATLA.


The Girl He Used to Know


I love love loved Tracey Garvis Graves first book, so when I saw she had a new one come out, I ordered it immediately. As someone with anxiety, this book struck home for me. Although, mine is nowhere near Annika’s (I don’t want to give anything away) – it was such an interesting look into her brain, and I also did not see the plot twist at the end coming — at all!

The Au Pair


Such a quick and easy read! This is so great if you love mysteries and family drama! The paperback is only $6!

Juliet the Maniac


I had really high hopes for this book – but my standards for these types of books were set high by Ellen Hopkins’ Crank. An interesting look inside the mind of mental illness, but I wasn’t obsessed.

East End


This book reminds me of the old show, Revenge, from the plot to the setting, it was very similar. I also finished this one super fast. It’s not crazy long, but a really good look into the different classes in the Hamptons. The plot twists just kept coming!



Sunset Beach


This is the first official “beach read” of the summer – you guys know these are my FAVORITE books every single year — and my cart is full of the ones that are coming out over the next few weeks; I am planning a full post on this! Definitely different than her usual summer reads because it’s more of a mystery but I loved it!


The Overdue Life of Amy Byler


This one is free if you have Kindle Unlimited! I have been utilizing this more and more – I am the worst when it comes to taking advantage of all the Amazon Prime perks, and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.


They All Fall Down


I thought I would love this book a lot more than I actually did — maybe because I read it on the flight home and I was tired and just not feeling it. It was still interesting but I only give it 6/10!

There were three books that I bought, but didn’t get to! Those are linked below and next up on my list!





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