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Ashley’s June 2020 Amazon Favorites


We’ve been so swamped getting our new site ready for you guys that I almost forgot to share my Amazon favorites from June! Forgive me for the delay, but this is one of my favorite Amazon hauls yet. Check out what I was loving below and get ready to add to cart!

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June 2020 Amazon Favorites


Baby Sunglasses


What’s cuter than baby sunglasses? Not much! I love that these come with a strap so he can’t yank them off – and they come in 12 cute colors! They will fit baby from 0-24 months too which is amazing!


Tie-Dye Set


I don’t know about you guys, but I am so thankful the tie-dye trend came back with such a vengeance. I can’t get enough of it, and this adorable set from Amazon was probably my favorite purchase in June! There are so many color schemes to choose from, and it’s one of the comfiest loungewear sets I own now.


Busy Baby Mat


To keep our little guy distracted and happy without dropping his toys on the floor, I got this Busy Baby Mat so he can happily entertain himself while joining us at the dinner table, and it’s been a perfect addition!




This thing is like a full-body, memory foam pillow for your baby! The Huggapod wraps 360º around your baby to provide extra comfort and support in exercisers, jumpers, high chairs, park bucket swings and more! Plus, the pillow cushion offers extra head support, and the secure fastening straps are adjustable so they can grow with your baby. Oh, and most importantly: It’s machine washable.


Stroller Fan


It is hot in the desert, so a stroller fan was a necessary purchase for summertime strolls! This particular one has 3 speed settings, including a natural-wind mode. You can also use this stroller fan as a dim-light source for nighttime to create a safer, darker place for your baby to snooze. Totally flexible and wraps around the stroller so easily. Love it! Added bonus – I can steal it for the treadmill!


Milk Drunk Protein Powder


I am seriously trying to up my protein game as a breastfeeding mama and am doing so with this Milk Drunk protein powder! It’s dairy-free, vegan, and has oats, flax, and brewer’s yeast to encourage and boost lactation. I’ve been putting a scoop into my smoothies for an easy and delicious 17 extra grams of protein for the day!


Mrs. Patel’s


Speaking of lactation boosting liquids, I also grabbed a bag of Mrs. Patel’s Lactation Tea in the Chai Spice blend and it is best served with a lemon and a touch of honey! There’s no caffeine, fenugreek, dairy, gluten, or soy and can be made cold or hot. Simply mix a scoop or two with your milk of choice, and enjoy! 


Turkish Towels


I just loved the design on these Turkish towels so much, I had to grab some. They’re 100% cotton and can be used indoors or outdoors! Wrap yourself up in them or throw them over a couch or chair as decor. Either way, they’re so pretty and add a nice neutral pop to your space.

Beach Bag


If you’re looking for the quintessential beach bag/handbag, look no further. I love this one I got from Amazon for only $35! It’s so adorable and the perfect size. It’s also lined so you don’t have to worry about your purse items poking out of the holes. Also I love how it says “100% handmade; flaws may exist.” Same.


Portable Pump


I finally caved and invested in a portable breast pump and am loving this one by Medela. It’s the perfect size, too; perfect for mamas on-the-go! It also has a double electric pumping system to produce more in less time, and it’s a closed design to ensure no overflow happens (because we all know how devastating it is to lose even a drop of that precious liquid!).


Transition Swaddle


Baby boy is starting to roll over in his crib, so I bought this transition swaddle from Amazon last month to try and keep up with him and keep him safe. The zip-off wings on this swaddle allow his hands to be free so he can use them to reposition himself when he gets to rolling! 


Affirmations Book


Who doesn’t need or love a positive, daily affirmation? I got this book, Shine On: Empowering Affirmations for Extraordinary Women, to pump myself up each morning for the day ahead with a quick, powerful phrase and so far, it’s working.




After seeing Caroline’s, I couldn’t resist getting baby Joe this stuffed, interactive dog. His name is Scout, and he offers 15+ activities for your baby, including 40+ learning songs, melodies and lullabies! He even helps with teaching first words, colors, and counting. Connect Scout to your smartphone, tablet or computer to teach him your child’s name for further personalization! 


Yoee Baby


I also picked up this adorable guy and love him! He’s got it all—a rattle, teether, crinkles, high-contrast colors! He’s a sensory development dream for your newborn and is available as monkey, bunny, fox, kitty, lion, or puppy! I keep one at my mom’s too!


Neoprene Beach Bag


I am obsessed with the beach/gym bag I got from Amazon last month. It’s incredibly lightweight, functional, and super spacious plus it’s available in so many colors! You can use it as a beach carry-all, for the gym, or really just about anything. It’s incredibly versatile and fits so much!



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