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Two Peas in a Prada x Kajan Cake

Here at Two Peas, you know that we love supporting other women in our industry, and meeting & discovering new talent. I am so excited for this post because I can’t wait to tell you all about San Francisco-based designer, Kajan Cake.

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Check out the collection here and their online shop here. Check out my interview with the designer below!

Interview with Kajan Cake:

1) What inspires your designs?

For this s/s 16 collection—“Valiant Femininity”—strong lines and soft flowing fabrics inspired the season’s collection. The exotic qualities of the orchid are a metaphor for the complexity and wisdom found in every woman. I employ color blocking techniques paired with luxury fabrics to design a bold and feminine presence for the woman who dares to indulge.


2) What advice do you have for any young women who want to break into the fashion world?

My advice to the aspiring fashion designer—whether she creates T-shirts or custom ball-gowns—is that she must ask herself what she wants out of this career choice? What kind of life does she want in the coming years? Does she want something nice and easy—something that brings her joy, fun and a bit of income without much stress? Or does she want to be a fashion empire? I really do think that goal speaks to her career path and how she will work. I say this because I guarantee that you don’t know what will happen—but you will grow from it.


3) Where would you like the San Francisco fashion scene to be 5 years from now?

To be honest, I don’t think people care about fashion here. They like convenience. San Francisco is a tech town today. The influence of Silicon Valley is everywhere and grows every day. People value intellectual ideas. They make good money. But as it stands now—even if they have the money—closets full of expensive designer clothes and accessories seem out of place. I would like to see San Francisco fashion move forward to become more European—know for an effortlessly chic—clothes that pay more attention to detail and texture and styling. To be unique, you need to dress uniquely and buy from the unique place or boutique—not mass-produced copies from roll outs that you can buy anywhere.

4) How do you she balance incorporating both Thailand and San Francisco into her designs & brand?

America is the “Land of Can Do”. I have always loved fashion and was lucky enough to develop my skills at a young age in Thailand. My love of garment construction and respect for detail has always been a fascination.

I balance the “Can Do” opportunity here in America with my native skill at garment making. The result is larger than the sum of the parts. I am a designer who does not slavishly follow trends. I design with classic lines and always an edge. My customer is an elegantly modern women who appreciate my attention to century old tailoring traditions. Trends fade but style is  forever.


5) What is your idea of the perfect outfit for a night out in San Francisco?

It is often very cold here—especially in the summer. The fog sneaks into the city most nights. Skimpy “going out” attire is impractical. I think the perfect outfit for a San Francisco night out is something that fits in with the vibrant art scene—an edgy outfit that can keep you warm. It could be as simple as a one statement piece like a dress with a pair of comfortable boots. I always have a silk scarf for extra warmth—you might need it. A clean cut jacket and a great looking leather backpack are good ideas. Maintaining a chic, yet practical look that makes it convenient to hop on and off Uber is what you need to move around The City.


Two Peas in a Prada x Kajan Cake Two Peas in a Prada x Kajan Cake Two Peas in a Prada x Kajan Cake Two Peas in a Prada x Kajan Cake Two Peas in a Prada x Kajan Cake Two Peas in a Prada x Kajan Cake

Photography by: Nathalie Bize.

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