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Nightshirt: Old Navy (it’s not even $25!!) and these are also in my nighttime rotation – here, here and here

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When you’re pregnant, you (sadly) expect that your skinny jeans… eventually… won’t fit. You also expect that you might have to go up a cup size in bras – or three – in my case. Lovely… I know. You even expect your feet to grow – praying hard… I mean reeeaaalll hard that this doesn’t happen to me. But for some reason, people don’t prepare you for the fact that eventually your most comfy nightgowns and cozy lounging sweatpants will also have to be tucked away for smaller, “less pregnant” days. 
Yes you heard me correctly. The loungewear that has seen you through your egregious netflix marathon binges, your ridiculous all-night study sessions, your insane living room dance parties — the jammies that have become your very own, grown up version of a security blanket – well those too will not fit you. sob
I’m going to be real – probably too real – and tell you that this recently happened to me. I went to pull on my favorite pair of flannel pajamas and sure enough, the buttons on the top were peeking — ok —busting open. And the pants – I meeeeeaaaannnnnnn — letsnoteventalkaboutthepants. 
So… instead of being sad about this new “pregnant body development” –  overshare: there are lots of them  lately – I decided to see the glass half full and use it as the perfect excuse to purchase a couple of “roomier” lounge wear items. 
Now, I know the majority of you reading this are not pregnant, but who doesn’t love a comfy new sleep shirt? Am I right?  The one pictured above is from Old Navy and it is heavenly. Even at my 30 – almost 31 week pregnant state – I am still wearing a size Small. 
How is that for making a pregnant girls’ day? Bless you vanity sizing… bless you!!! 
I also linked to a couple other pajama sets and nightshirts that I recently purchased. I am here to tell you that Eberjey jammies are unnnnreealll… I mean they’re absolutely, positively, innnnncredible.  In addition to their classic/preppy aesthetic, they are made of the softest material. Pregnant or not, you are sure to fall in love with them. 
Last but not least – let’s have a talk about these UGGS. Vogue recently published this article, deeming our favorite house slippers to be acceptable footwear (gasp) — even outside the home. So go ahead guurrll — get yourself a pair, and you too can walk on clouds wherever you go.

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