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Postpartum Partying


Postpartum Partying

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Shoes: Dolce Vita (old) similar here and here, Sunnies: Ray Ban,
Bangles: Margaret Elizabeth, Cocktail Ring: Margaret Elizabeth,
It should be of no surprise to anyone that that your body goes through some crazy changes when you’re pregnant. I guess I just wasn’t prepared for all of the cuh-raaazzzyyy changes that come after pregnancy as well. This may be an overshare post, but so be it. I’m just being real… and I’m sure plenty of mamas out there can relate. 
Back before I had William, I was an A cup. Maybe a B cup on a good day. If we’re being honest, let’s just say that bras weren’t really something I gave a second thought to. I wore a Hanky Panky bralette… when I decided to wear a bra at all. 
Then I got pregnant and all of a sudden I was a C cup. That was a change, but during pregnancy everything was bigger, so I embraced it. Then I had William and my milk came in. So now, three weeks post partum, I am a D cup – maybe even — gahhh — a Double D cup. My husband is on cloud nine… but I’m just sitting here missing my Hanky Panky bralettes. 
I know, I know – woe is me – I have huge boobs… but to each their own.  
Luckily I hear they’re temporary. 
SOOooooo…. This past weekend, two of my favorite people in the world, Zach and Jill, got married… and there was NO WAY I was missing their wedding. So in the weeks post-William, but pre-wedding, I searched high and low for an acceptable dress. They were getting married in a barn in a quaint little mountain town about an hour away from here, so I knew I wanted something that felt a little bit boho. I also had to stay away from anything too fitted because my size is changing daily. Usually I would have gone with a slinky maxi dress (sans bra), but because of my new “Double Ds” – that was out of the question. 
I needed a dress that would allow me to wear a very full coverage bra – that is where this little number  you see above came in. It was perfect. I was covered up on top which made the length of the dress feel more appropriate and because the body of the dress was so blousey it was perfect for pumping. 
I know… I know… just what you all care about! 🙂 
Anyhow, the wedding was gorgeous and the ceremony brought me to tears. I was so thankful I had a dress on that allowed me to concentrate on the couple and their love rather than if “the twins” were sufficiently tucked away. I really thought I had everyone fooled but a couple of close girlfriends remarked that I was “back to normal…. just with some upgraded assets”. 
Oh lawwdddyyy. 
In closing, if you’re looking for the perfect spring dress – this Show Me Your Mumu tunic is it. I plan on wearing mine many more times this spring, and I’ll definitely be pairing it with Jack Rogers and a panama hat this summer. 

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