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Pregnancy Products I love


Pregnancy Products I love

Ahhhh — I am so. not. sad. to be writing this post. So. not. sad. 

My 40 week pregnancy is coming to and end this week, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I am so excited to meet this little man, I am so excited to not have to pee every hour, and I am so excited to get reacquainted with 90% of my closet. I am thankful that, for the most part, my pregnancy has been uncomplicated and easy, and I am hoping and praying that translates to an uncomplicated and easy labor as well… welp… fingers crossed. Please think positive thoughts for me loves, I would really appreciate it! 
Anyhow, over the past 40 weeks, I’ve found some awesome products and brands that I didn’t know about prior to being pregnant. It is my hope that sharing some of these finds might help any first time moms out there… or even anyone looking to buy a thoughtful gift for someone who is expecting. Heck, even if babies aren’t on your radar, you still might find something you love in this post.

So here we go… these products and brands have been the creme de la creme… and I hope you enjoy! 

HATCH long sleeve tees: (as seen in the photos above) I initially saw this brand on Instagram but had a hard time spending $100 on a tee that would only fit me for a short amount of time. However, when my friend’s lovely sister (and mother of two) reached out to recommend their tops, I knew I had to try them. She said that she lives in them… even now after the birth of her second son – so rest assured, they’re not just maternity tops by any means. To say that I LIVE in the top above is not an understatement… at all. The material of this shirt is absolutely perfect, you can throw it in the washing machine (I just lay mine flat to dry), and the cut is superb. The back dips down for full coverage of your bum if you want to wear it with leggings, and the front is generous as well to cover your belly. I am so excited to wear mine with shorts this summer… I might even buy a couple more after William is born because I just love them soooooo much!

The Honest Company Belly Butter: I signed up for the Honest Company bundle long before I was ever pregnant and in my opinion my subscription has paid dividends in such a huuuuuge way. This belly balm is amazing. The smell leaves a lot to be desired… but hey… it works! And it is wayyy cheaper than any other belly balm I’ve seen. I have used a jar of it each and every month of my pregnancy – yes a whole jar. I just put it on right after my shower. I tell many of my girlfriends – “nipples to knees ladies” – and thankfully I don’t have any stretch marks. Sure, I know… stretch marks are evidently pre-determined by genetics and a million other things, but all I am saying is that I truly believe this stuff worked for me. 100%. So if you want to try your best to avoid the dreaded tiger stripes of pregnancy, this stuff is where it’s at.

The Bump Nest: This pillow has truthfully saved me over the past 40 weeks. My husband hates it,(between the Bump Nest, Henry and I, he has very little space to sleep anymore. Love you babe!) but it is a pregnancy necessity. It’s so funny, I always thought I liked to sleep on my side, until I was forced to during pregnancy. Now… oh lawddd what I would give to sleep on my back for a night. Long story short, this pillow keeps you on your side, it supports your back, and it makes those two hour intervals of sleep just a little bit more blissful.

New Chapter Prenatals: I searched high and low for the perfect pre-natal vitamin, and I found that it just. doesn’t. exist. 🙁 There wasn’t a single pre-natal that had everything in it that I wanted, but this one came the closest. I liked these because they are organic, free of dyes and preservatives, and you don’t have to take them with food. I had an iron deficiency throughout my pregnancy (as many women do), so I had to supplement additional iron and add a DHA pill, but overall I was very happy with these. Every woman is different, so you have to check with your doctor, but these are what worked best for me. They are sold at almost every online vitamin retailer and at Whole Foods, so you can purchase them conveniently as well.

The BKR Bottle:  Funny story. Two summers ago, it was our friends’ wedding day and we were on a party bus from their wedding venue to their reception venue. It was the middle of June, it was hot, and I had little to eat or drink that morning other than champagne… total rookie mistake. Anyhow, for whatever reason, all I could focus on (other than dancing in my seat) was how tight my engagement ring felt on my finger. I must have said something out loud, and was visibly fussing with it, because my friend’s husband, Matt, saw me and said, “You know if your rings are too tight it just means you’re dehydrated.”  You don’t say? I had never heard that before, but you better believe I was chugging water bottles from there on out… and after some research it turned out that he was absolutely right!

So now, flash forward two years to this pregnancy.  Instead of having a set weight gain goal (FYI I tried to just keep it healthy… between the recommended 25-35lbs) my weird little pregnancy goal was to be able to wear my engagement and wedding rings — my whole pregnancy. I know, I know, it may not sound like much, but for some women it’s a struggle. Thanks to that trick from Matt, the BKR bottle, and about 90oz of water a day, I am happy to tell you that my rings fit better now than they ever have. Woo hoo! Not to mention, you’re supposed to over-hydrate when you’re pregnant… so… mission accomplished!

Bath Robes: I am the kind of person who believes that there are “house clothes” and “non house clothes”. To me, robes, nightgowns, and workout clothes constitute “house clothes” and real outfits are “non house clothes”. I’m really not the type to wear “sweats” or workout clothes in public – it’s just really not my thing. That being said, when I am at home, I like to be really really cozy. Over the past 40 weeks, robes have been my jam – and Eberjey robes are some of the best.

Old Navy Black Maxi Dresses (on sale):  These dresses are incredible; they are inexpensive (try $15 right now), they fit well and they travel well. Additionally, you can layer button downs, jewelry and jackets over them for a million different looks. In my opinion – they’re a pregnancy staple.

Rachel Pally Caftan Dresses: I love the cut of these dresses for pregnancy. They just look so beautiful and effortless over a baby belly. I wore one to my baby shower and I also wore one for my maternity photos. They are modest, comfortable, and I know I’ll wear them after my pregnancy as well. I like the non-maternity version, (even for during pregnancy) as I found that the maternity style has too much fabric for my liking. 
Riller&Fount Tunics: I lived in these tunics (see below) this past winter and they are now a wardrobe staple of mine. The cut is long (which I love), they’re semi sexy because of the neckline, and the fabric is light enough to wear with white jeans for summer.

Aventura Leggings: In the beginning of my pregnancy I was on the quest to find the “perfect legging” and every time I happened upon a pair that would look promising, I was disappointed.  Sooo disappointed. I’d try them on and bend my legs in every which direction to test for “see through-ness”. IMO if you’re flashing people everywhere you go… probably not a good look. I tested them for “pilly-ness”. You know, those little, tiny, lint balls that inevitably show up on clothes that have been worn for too long. I loathe pilly prone fabrics… gahhh – makes my skin crawl. I tested them for belly comfort. In the beginning I could muster SPANX leggings, but eventually they started to hurt as my belly grew. I was striking out in a huge way. Then I found these, completely by accident, at a mountaineering store in Tahoe City. Let’s just say I’ve been in love ever since. I have 5 pairs – one for every day of the week, and I have a back up stash… just in case they ever stop making them. They are spandex-y, they are not see through, and the size small covers my whole belly (even now at 39 weeks). I give these leggings to every friend I know who tells me they’re expecting as they truly are the best. FYI – I started out with the XS in my 1st and 2nd trimester and moved onto the size small around week 25.

So that is the roundup of my favorite pregnancy brands and products. What were yours? If there’s something you loved during pregnancy – please comment and let us know… we’d love to hear from you!

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