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Prepping For Our San Diego Trip – With Baby Quip

Reno Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada talks about prepping for her family's San Diego trip with Baby Quip !

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One of the main reasons I quit my job was to be able to spend more uninterrupted time with my kids before William heads off to Kindergarten. Even though that is still about a year and a half away – Joe and I figure there is no time like the present. While I totally want to spend more time with them at home, I also want to spend more time traveling with them and taking family vacations. So next week, we are headed to San Diego!

Joe’s mom and stepdad have an amazing house there, just steps from the beach – and I am so excited to have some rest and relaxation time with our family. Stay tuned for our adventures on stories! Now… let’s talk about how we plan to travel with three kids….

What I will say, is that the thought of traveling with three kids for nearly a week is incredibly daunting. If you’re a mom – even of one child – you know how much “stuff” little people require. Multiply that by three – and it’s just absolute insanity. Two of our kids are still in cribs. All three of our kids are in carseats. Even though the weather is supposed to be generally nice, I know we’re going to need some toys at the house to keep them occupied. We’re going to need a double stroller for the boys, and a separate stroller for Caroline. Caroline will definitely need a high chair… I mean… the list goes on…. and on… and on…..

That’s where BabyQuip comes in.

BabyQuip is an amazing company that allows you to rent baby gear from moms in the area you are vacationing to. If you are going on a family vacation, BabyQuip is a MUST HAVE. I literally hopped on the website, input the zip code we’d be staying at, chose a provider, selected my items, and paid. Boom. Done. The best part is that your provider will meet you at the airport if need be, or they will deliver to the home/hotel where you will be staying.

For our San Diego trip… the first thing I did was to rent carseats for the boys. Literally the thought of driving to the Reno airport, uninstalling the carseats, checking them, then re-installing them in the San Diego rental car, then uninstalling them in San Diego, and repeating the whole thing in reverse on the way home… was enough to make me want to cry. With Baby Quip – our provider Melanie will drop the carseats off to Joe’s mom and Stepdad – and they will pick us up at the airport with everything ready to go. SO amazing.

Then we also rented two cribs, toys, books, a foam play area, a double bob – literally everything. The best part is – they will drop everything off to Joe’s Mom and Stepdad the morning before we get there, and then they can safely pick us up from the airport. BabyQuip is a win- win all around. If you are traveling with your kids any time soon – I highly recommend looking into their service. I also have a 10% off coupon for when you place your first order. >>> HERE.

The other amazing part about BabyQuip is that it allows moms to make money on the side using items they already have – by becoming Baby Quip Quality Providers. It’s just a no-brainer.

If you are a mom that:

  • Has extra baby/kids supplies
  • Is in-between having children and you have carseats/strollers/toys taking up room in your home
  • Has older kids now – but saved all the old gear
  • Wants a side hustle that allows you to work with things you already have
  • Is looking to make extra money with pretty minimal effort

Then being a BabyQuip Quality Provider is for you. It is so easy. When you sign up, click through this link >>> here so they know I sent you!

Being a BabyQuip Quality Provider is such an amazing side hustle for moms looking to make some extra money – and let’s be real – we can all use it! Other things I love about the Baby Quip model… 1.) Unlike other side hustles, the overhead is minimal. You’re literally using items you already have. 2.) Baby Quip assists you in setting up your business/rental website and they host the whole thing for you. How amazing is that?!?! And 3.)Baby Quip provides liability insurance for their Quality Providers.

When you become a BabyQuip Quality Provider, you’re literally helping other women (with items you already have) and you’re getting paid for it. How amazing is that!?! I just think the concept is amazing, and I love being able to provide other moms with this revolutionary way to side hustle. I think everyone should have one!

I can’t wait to show you how the whole process works once we get to San Diego! Send me any questions you may have!

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