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Professional & Polished – in 30 minutes or less!

I am in the office, every morning, at 5:15am. This means that my first – of five – obnoxious alarms starts going off at 3:45am. I am out of bed at 4:15, and start on my commute no later than 4:45. 
After years of being up before the sun, I’ve become an expert at getting ready in 30 minutes or less. In this post, I’m outlining some of my “tried and true” tips, practices and products that allow me to pull it together quickly, morning after early morning. Whether you need to be at the office at 5am, preschool at 8am, a lunch meeting at noon, or dinner at 7pm, these steps are sure to help you get out the door on time, and looking your best. 

1.) Start the night before – 5 minutes

Just like your mom told you when you were little, the key to looking polished and being on time, is picking out your clothes – accessories and all – the night before. There is no worse feeling than being half awake, short on time, sans latte, and knowing you need to throw together an acceptable ensemble. 
Also, I designate a special part of my closet where I lay out my clothes for the next day. This allows me to visualize the outfit and it helps keep me organized. You can do the same – this coat rack here  and these shelves are perfect for creating a space to display tomorrow’s look.


2.) Shower – 5 minutes

I am self admittedly a shower addict. I never feel right if I leave the house in the morning without one. However, my hairdresser has been nagging me about how horrible washing my hair every day is. “The oils are good for you!” she says.  So, being the diligent client that I am, I have finally mastered the “high bun & body rinse”. It does wonders for the psyche – and helps you feel refreshed all day long.

To make your morning shower a little more luxurious, try one of these Hydra Shower bombs. The lemongrass and eucalyptus are favorites of mine.

3.) Dry shampoo is your friend – 2 minutes

My favorites are: Bumble and Bumble, A Bit of Blondish Hair Powder, HERE or Oribe, Dry Texturizing Spray (this stuff smells incredible!!) HERE. Spray a little on your roots, let it dry, brush through, a little foofing with your hands, and voila – good as new! Also worth noting, the Honest Company has an amazing and – GET THIS – $5.95 detangler that works wonders for smoothing unruly flyways, HERE. I use it every day.

4.) Have your own back – 3 minutes

We’ve all seen it – the girl who looks totally pulled together from the front – but has a huge rumple down the back of her hair.  Gahhhh! So open your compact, twirl around, and give the back of your mane a once over. Straighten – curl – brush or blow dry as necessary before moving on to #5.

5.) Makeup: 5 minutes

We all have our favorite “go to” products, and I’ve listed mine below. My morning makeup routine takes all of 5 minutes.
Lashes: Shu Uemura and Diorshow – always.
Perfume: Jo Malone, Peony and Blush Suede or my signature scent – here.


 “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future” – CocoChanel

6.) Get dressed and do a once over: 5 min

Take the time to go through your purse and make sure you have all the essentials: keys, wallet, glasses, sunnies, mints, energy bar – whatever you need to make it through your day!


7.) Look at you – You have 5 minutes all to yourself!

I French press my coffee every morning – it’s one of life’s little indulgences that makes all the difference in the world to me. So whether you’re an Earl Grey, K Cup, lemon water, or green juice kind of girl – enjoy it!

The dress code at my company is “wear clothes”. IE – jeans are completely acceptable.

 Shop This Post:

sunglasses: Karen Walker 

jacket: JCrew – old,  similar here

gingham shirt: JCrew 

striped shirt: The Gap – old, similar here and here 

jeans: JCrew

shoes: Jimmy Choo 

briefcase: Louis Vuitton – vintage, it belonged to my grandfather

jewelry: Cartier, David Yurman, Margaret Elizabeth, JCrew

 Ash&Em want to know: 

What helps you get out of the house on time?

Tips, practices, or products — we’re all ears and we can’t wait to hear from you!

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