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The Crazy Things I’ve Done For The Sake Of Fashion

|| Shoes <sold out, similar here <less than $100 || Purse ||

I’ve done some really interesting things for the sake of fashion.

I’ve taped fabric to my chest to make my dress stay put.  I’ve worn band-aids as a bra. I’ve had my nails filed into points. I’ve walked on cobblestones in five inch heels — all while 9 months pregnant. I’ve worn more layers than are physically comfortable or seasonally appropriate – because “it just looked better”. I donned a corset for 10 hours a day – a la the Kardashians – after I had William to “get my body back”. And I mean – probably the most glaring example…  I choose to wear a thong… every day.

Like… why?

Even I don’t have the answer to this one. I mean… this stuff has been going on for centuries people, and I . just . don’t . know .

Anyhow, despite all the seemingly crazy things I’ve done (and we all do) for the sake of fashion… in my day to day wardrobe, I’m making a conscious effort to reel in it.

I mean… I’m a mom now people.

hahahaaha. Make no mistake… I’m not trying to fit into some cultural stereotype of “what a mom should look like.” 


I’m wearing 5 inch heels as I type this <<< old habits die hard. But I’m toning down the “fashion” because spending quality time with my son is one of my top priorities now – and silk shirts don’t mix with spit up… just as stilettos don’t mix with the swing-set.

These are the cold, hard facts of life.

It’s not easy – and the more I think about it, it’s not just a struggle limited to moms. It’s an every woman struggle. You want to look pulled together and sophisticated – but you don’t want to sacrifice comfort. You want to wear clothes that are made out of quality fabrics, but you don’t want to live at the dry cleaners. You want to feel good about your outfits, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. You want to have your cake and eat it too. Right?


If you’re like me, and any of those ^^^ are true for you, then the outfit in these photos is a no brainer. It’s cozy, it’s chic… and the best part??? It doesn’t break the bank. Not even a little bit. This amazing drapey cardigan (that I’ve worn literally every day this week – and am totally buying it in cream) – it’s only $32.  This cozy beige long sleeve tee (I’m beyond obsessed – the material looks very expensive) – it’s only $15. I could go on and on.

Also – if you’re worried about that whole white after labor day thing… it is so passé. In my opinion there’s nothing chicer right now (yes – in January ) than white jeans and sophisticated neutrals. Winter white is a thing for a reason, and it’s definitely having a moment. You should too!

Happy shopping loves – get to it — these sales won’t last! XooX

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