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The Easiest Easter Basket – Social Distancing Friendly

Obviously with everything going on in the world, Easter is going to be a little different this year. No church, no extended family, no Easter brunch out with friends. It’s just going to be different.  Initially, it made me sad. However… when I actually got to thinking about it… nothing about Easter itself is changing. We’re still celebrating Jesus, we’re still with the people we love most, and our kids will still know the meaning of the day.

Social distancing or not, I am someone who is always scrambling at the last minute when it comes to holidays. So whenever I can get a jump start and order things ahead of time, I REALLY like to. That being said, I figured I could make all our lives a little bit easier by compiling ALL the best Easter Basket goodies on Amazon – all in one place. Because of COVID-19, lots of items on Amazon Prime are taking 3-5 days to ship. The most important thing is that you check the ship date underneath the description of the product!

So… here we go. Everything you need for the best Easter baskets, and Easter egg hunt. Baskets, filler, eggs, candy, books about Jesus, stuffed animals, educational toys… literally anything you might think of putting in an Easter Basket is here. All you have to do is to add to cart and checkout. Super socially distant friendly.

Plus… the benefits of shopping on Amazon for your Easter baskets are massive. 1.) It’s a one stop shop.- baskets, grass, candy, eggs, books. Done 2.) Buying your Easter basket supplies via Amazon just makes it more deliberate. In my opinion, I feel like you’re less likely to order excess, or to buy candy that you will end up eating. Instead you just order what you know your kids will love. 3.) You don’t have to go anywhere. << That’s invaluable right now.

The other thing I love about Amazon Easter baskets is that you can order a couple of amazing books that ensure your kids remember what Easter really is about. Not the candy, the bunnies, or the toys – but about Jesus. I have included some of the books we have put in our Easter Baskets in the past. I have also included some educational toys that I think are perfect for your Amazon Easter Baskets. Because you can never have too many educational toys around the house! Especially right now! Here you go… The Easiest Easter Basket!

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|| God Gave Us Easter ||

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Two Peas in a Prada Co- Founder, Emily Farren Wieczorek shares The Easiest Easter Basket - all items are quick ship and all items are from Amazon!


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