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This past weekend, my boss – who I absolutely adore – married his longterm girlfriend, who I also absolutely adore. They got married in Las Vegas, so it was the perfect excuse for a nice little night away… and the perfect excuse to wear this amazing dress.

As I was dancing, one of my girlfriends said – “You are SO Stevie Nicks in that dress,” and that was all I needed to hear… obsessed!

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Since Vegas is such a short flight away from Reno – it was the perfect mini-vacay for Joe and I as well. We got to spend Friday night at home as a family, Saturday in Vegas, and then we headed home early Sunday morning (so we could have our entire Sunday with William). I know I’ve touched on this before, but the weekends are my time with my family. I am really particular about that. What’s more, I don’t like leaving William for anything more than just a night, so this particular Vegas trip was absolutely perfect.

Friday night we spent as a family, hanging out, reading books with William, and packing. It’s amazing how easy packing is when you’re pregnant. Your options – or at least mine- are so limited. I only had one dress I could possibly wear to the wedding (nothing else fit) so I only had three outfits to pack. This dress (that you see in the photos), an outfit to wear on our flight home, and my pajamas. My husband and I actually shared a carry on suitcase for this mini-vacay… how amazing is that?!?

Anyhow – onto this dress. Finding a dress to wear to a wedding at 21 weeks pregnant isn’t exactly what I’d call fun. Every woman is different, I get that. But for me, 21 weeks pregnant means that my boobs, belly, and butt are all too large for my former formal wear. That being said, I was on the hunt for the perfect dress to wear to my boss’ wedding.

I found this dress and I absolutely fell in love.

This dress is non maternity, and by The Jetset Diaries. What initially drew me to this dress were the colors. I loved the beautiful deep reds and purples. It just screamed fall wedding to me. I also really loved the cut of this dress. Because of the drawstring waist, I figured it would fit nicely over my bump – and it did. It’s also lovely because there is ample room for the bump to grow! Lastly – I knew I wanted to purchase something that I could wear for many different occasions – pregnant or not – and this dress, by The Jetset Diaries, definitely checked that box. You can wear it, as I have here, for a more formal occasion… or you can pair it with a fur vest, booties, and a hat for a more boho feel. Either way, I highly recommend it – pregnant or not.

I hope you had a lovely weekend with your family – I know we did – and I hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week! XooX

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