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Week 3: Fall Cleanse Update

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I truly can’t believe I’m already on day 21 of my little cleanse. In case you missed them, check out my Week 1 and Week 2 posts. Week 3 has been a good one! I can’t wait to share with you the most amazing recipe & some good news!


For lunch last week, I made the best chicken salad with only 4 ingredients. Primal mayo, cooked chicken breast, green apples, and grapes. I whipped this up last Sunday (instead of the buffalo chicken, because I forgot the sauce). It was seriously so easy, so fast, and it lasted all week! I will definitely be making this one again.

This past week was crazy busy with events, and brand meetings. It went by super quick, and we have so many exciting holiday projects lined up for you. But because of this, I kept my food pretty boring and simple. But I am proud of myself because this was what I struggled with before. And my jeans are finally loose again! Woohoo!

It’s crazy how much better your workouts are when you’re eating healthy! I went beast mode at Barry’s last Wednesday and ran my fastest mile ever! My trainer is the best, and made everyone clap for me, LOL. After a busy week, I took this weekend to get some serious rest & relaxation. I read this entire book on Saturday night — which I had no intention of doing, but it was that good!



I love how many of you are screenshotting and telling me you’re buying RX bars. They are seriously a godsend! For those of you who tell me you could never quit cheese — just try it for one week, it’s insane how much less bloated you are — and how clear your skin will get! If you’re still not convinced to make the jump — read these 6 simple dairy swaps.

If you’re in San Francisco — please come and join myself and Emily at Rebecca Minkoff (2124 Fillmore Street – from 6-8PM) on Friday night. We will be hosting a fun little girls night out with shopping, wine, and of course, snacks. We hope to see you all there!

Week 3 Snacks:




detox, clean eating, whole 30, recipes, crockpot, cleanse, healthy, diet, weight loss tips

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