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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag


What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing yet another “What’s In My Hospital Bag” post. Our posts on these span over the last few years, and each one is a bit different than the last because you learn something new about what to pack in your hospital bag with every child, I swear!

There’s no telling when this baby is going to decide to make its way into the world, so I wanted to share this post sooner than later. The more organized I can be in times of uncertainty or chaos, the better! Truly, this post is as much for me as it is for those reading it—I’ll be using it as a checklist of sorts as we get our  hospital bags packed up in the coming days.

The Mama Hospital Bag:



I love this bag for an all purpose duffel! If you are more into taking a rolling bag, this one is super highly rated! 


I keep my photo ID, insurance card, any necessary hospital forms, and the birth plan in this classic passport case from Cuyana.


Of course, you can’t go anywhere without your phone and having a few extra chargers is never a bad idea! These 10 foot long chargers from Amazon are life (and battery) saving.


You want to be as comfortable as possible, so bring your own nursing friendly robe and/or sleepwear. I love this Cosabella set


You know there’s no way I’m going into the hospital without packing the best bra ever made—The Butter Bra!


Packing the fluffiest slippers you own to give your feet a break and some serious comfort is imperative. I’ll be bringing my UGG Fluffette slippers!


This is a non-negotiable. Check to make sure you’ve packed this at least 5 times before heading out! Your nipples will thank you endlessly. 


It’s insane how quickly my lips get checked on a regular basis, but especially when you’re in the throes of labor and heavy breathing. Having lip balm at the ready is important!


You can use your front-facing camera to see how you look post-labor, or you can be like me and bring in your own vanity mirror! What? A new mama’s gotta look good. This one by Riki Loves Riki is my favorite, but there are tons of cheaper ones on Amazon!


I love my Cuyana toiletry case. It can fit it all: face wash, skincare, makeup, dry shampoo, natural deodorant, hair tie, etc!


Don’t try and be fancy. Comfort is key when it’s time to head home with your new babe. It’s leggings and nursing tank tops for me! One of the most important things to pack in your Hospital Bag. 


Hospital beds aren’t known for their comfort, that’s for sure. Pack yourself a cozy blanket and your favorite pillow to ensure you’re getting some rest!


The Boppy lounger is my favorite baby feeding pillow of all time and I love having it at the hospital with me. Even just to help hold the baby after labor. Trust me… you will want to bring your boppy. 


Obviously. Labor is intense and tiring, and it’s nice to have some of your favorite things for the aftermath. If your doctor/doula will allow, you can also snack during labor if you are getting tired and hungry. Both labors with my boys were so long and hard, I had to eat a little something here and there. You do what you gotta do! I always bring twizzlers, a granola bar, some gum. It all helps.

In the Baby Bag:

The hospital will give you all the basics, i.e. pads, mesh undies, dermoplast, tucks, diapers, a onesie, a swaddle. Of course, you can pack your own but don’t go overboard because they will provide for you.


Of course, you’ll need their car seat all set up. This obviously doesn’t fit into a bag, but it belonged on this list! We’re bringing the baby home in this nuna PIPA car seat.


You’ll most likely want the baby to have its first blankie right away, so remember to pack it in their bag! Our little bundle of joy will be wrapped up in this one, and I’m jealous they don’t have it in adult size.


As far as baby clothes go, you really don’t need much. I would say two outfits is the maximum you need to pack. The baby will be swaddled most of your short stay, and you’ll be home in no time to start playing dress up with them! This adorable shirt and footsie set is coming with me this time. 


Pacifier: Some people will tell you not to offer a pacifier in the hospital because it can cause “nipple confusion”. In my experience, we’ve offered it if my nipples were too sore, and it was never an issue. 

In the Dad Bag:

Don’t forget about dad (admittedly, a very easy thing to do in the first moments of your baby being born)! 

The Dad Bag is very simple. Basically he’ll need: deodorant (very important), a comfy pair of joggers, a pillow (since he’ll most likely be sleeping on the highly uncomfortable hospital room couch), his own favorite snacks, and a comfy t-shirt or two… and slippers never hurt! 

Emily is about to have her 4th baby. This time around she is an old pro and knows exactly what to pack in the Hospital Bag!

Emily is about to have her 4th baby. This time around she is an old pro and knows exactly what to pack in the Hospital Bag!

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