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Why I Use Supergoop! Sunscreen Every Day

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We all know by now that we should wear sunscreen every single day, but it’s even more important during the summertime when the sun’s rays are working overtime. We’re up against two different types of rays during the summer, actually: UVA rays which cause serious aging, and UVB rays that are the culprit for terrible sunburns! 

Whether you’re staying around the house this summer with backyard picnics, pool parties, and working out outside or going on a safe, socially-distanced vacation, stocking up on high quality sunscreen is crucial, which is why I love Supergoop!’s options. For months now, I’ve been wearing their Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 every. single. day. It’s become a part of my beauty routine and something I do without thinking twice about it! The “Unseen” has that name because this SPF lotion is invisible, weightless, and completely scentless unlike so many thick, pasty-white formulas. I also love that it’s oil-free and rich with antioxidants!

I also swear by Supergoop!’s Glow Stick SPF 50. It’s a dry-oil sunscreen stick for your face, chest and shoulders, and even provides a gorgeous, natural glow when applied. I carry this in my purse or pool bag with me so I can reapply quickly and easily on-the-go. I love the dewy finish, and the important fact that it’s intense coverage with SPF 50!

As for the kids, they know they can’t set foot outside without their Sunnyscreen or PLAY Everyday Lotion with SPF 50 on! Every day and especially during the summer, they know we have to take a few minutes before getting outside to apply. Their protection from the sun is obviously my first concern, and I try to set an example for them every day by applying my own SPF first.

Protect yourself and the kids this summer with these incredible Supergoop! SPF products and, most importantly, have fun in the sun! Whether you are playing in your backyard, gardening, or going on hikes with your family… make sure you start with Supergoop! 


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