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Why We Love The GloPro


Why We Love The GloPro

Two Peas in a Prada Co Founder, Emily Farren Wieczorek talks about why she loves at home micro needling with the GloPro for at home anti aging.

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As many of you know, I have been obsessed with at home microneedling for quite some time.We get SO many questions about it that I figured I might as well dedicate a whole blog post to it. I touch on… why you should microneedle at home, how to do it, and why I love my GloPro so much!

Quick Explanation of the GloPro: 

  • Benefits: Helps all signs of aging, plumps skin, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, lightens stretch marks and uneven skin tone, and helps product absorb up to 200x better.
  • How it works: As the mini needles roll over the skin, they create micro-injuries, and then your skin produces collagen to help heal those micro-injuries.
  • Cost: Usually for this set $299 – BUT RIGHT NOW $150 – or 6 easy payments of $24.99. This deal is truly the lowest I have seen it.
  • How you use it: Cleanse skin. Your kit will come with 30 prep pads and this is really the easiest way.  You should only GloPro at night before you apply your nightly skincare. We love pairing a GloPro session with the R45 too. Place the desired tip on your GloPro. Separate your face into 4 sections, forehead, cheek 1, cheek 2, and chin. I also do my neck. Roll the GloPro over your skin gently. First vertically, then horizontally, and then diagonally. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes!

Why use the GloPro?

The GloPro is amazing for so many reasons. The first is that it enables you to get a medical-spa treatment at home. The second is that it is just SO easy to use. You seriously can’t mess it up. Lastly, I always tell people, you can spend all the money in the world on expensive creams and serums, but what is the point if they just sit on top of your skin? When you roll the GloPro over your face the tiny micro needles open up the skin, exfoliate off the top layers, and allow your skincare regimen to absorb up to 200x better than if you didn’t use it. <<<THAT IS CRAZY!!!

How do you use the GloPro?

So how do you use the GloPro? I always get this question. First – I will start by saying you should primarily use your GloPro at night, and ALWAYS start by cleansing your face. You only want to miconeedle on freshly cleansed skin because you don’t want any dirt or bacteria to penetrate your skin any further (which can cause blemishes). Pat your skin dry. Then take your GloPro and attach whatever head attachment you want to use. Press the button to activate the red light. Then, gently roll your GloPro all over your face. I start by going vertically (up and down) across my forehead. I do one single pass. Then I go horizontally across my forehead for one single pass. Then I go diagonally across my forehead for one single pass. Boom – forehead is done. And then I repeat on the sides of my face and chin. I use the eye attachment gently under my eyes and on my lips. And then, I end by applying a soothing night serum.

When will you see results with the GloPro?

The results are immediate. My skin always looks luminous, glowing and plumper after a treatment – and I love how I look when I wake up the morning after I GloPro. I truly think it is one of the best at home beauty investments you can make – and right now is the perfect time to buy it – was a $150 off retail value at QVC.

Why shop for it at QVC?

I love shopping for bigger ticket skincare items at QVC because they allow you to put them on Easy Pay. For those of you who are not familiar with Easy Pay – it is one of the reasons Ash and I love QVC so much. We are HUGE proponents of the fact that everyone should have access to the best of the best – especially when it comes to skincare. Easy Pay at QVC makes that happen with INTEREST FREE payment plans. For this GloPro, you can choose Easy Pay and do 6 payments of $24.99. It doesn’t get better than that!!!!

SO excited to have so many of you GloProing with us this year!

Two Peas in a Prada Co Founder, Emily Farren Wieczorek talks about why she loves at home micro needling with the GloPro for at home anti aging.

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