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Ashley’s June Amazon Favorites 2019

Ashley's June Amazon Favorites 2019. San Francisco blogger, Ashley Zeal shares her June Amazon favorites. Check out all her best purchases from last month.

This month’s Amazon favorites post is coming a little late due to Prime Day and the NSale – but you knew we wouldn’t forget about it as these are our favorite posts of the month! I feel like every month they get more and more random, but that’s kind of why I like them. This month I borrowed two of Emily’s favorites, and have some random items of my own — hello banana runts! Keep reading to see all of my June Amazon Favorites 2019.

|| Headband ||

June Amazon Favorites 2019:

The Daily Stoic


This is one of the Skinny Confidential’s favorite books and a huge part of her morning ritual. After seeing my friend Katie post it over and over, I finally ordered it. I pair this with my daily devotional and it is such a grounding and positive way to start your day off on the right foot.

Car Clothes Rack


Whether you’re a blogger or not, everyone could benefit from this clothes rack. It hangs in your back seat in between the handles and can hold up to 50 pounds. It’s expandable – so it will work with any car. This has made shooting in the city so much easier, as well as road trips or overnight stays when I need to bring hanging clothes! How great would this be for dry cleaning?

Gold Bar Face Massager


We first discovered this from our friend Jenna over at Visions of Vogue – she uses it every single night. And with all the facial massagers I already have, I thought, do I really need this. But the price is great, and I wanted something a little more compact and precise to really get in on those fine lines around my eyes! It also vibrates which is cool.

Marble Makeup Bag


I finally organized all of the makeup in my purse. I used to keep all my lipglosses inside my Cuyana bag but then found that I like to keep that by my vanity to actually store all of it and not take it on the go. I needed a cheap bag for all my hair ties, lip gloss, and allergy meds! Such a good price and super cute, too!

Aveeno Shave Gel


Every time I place an Amazon order lately, I try to take stock of anything I would normally need from Target. This has saved so much time, and it’s a really good tip — although I’m sure everyone else already does this! I have been using this brand of shave gel for years, and it doesn’t leave me with any bumps or ingrowns!

Silicone Loofah 


Ordered this from Emily’s favorites last month. Got one for Joe too. OBSESSED.

Flushable Wet Wipes


Weird flex but okay — I won’t get into too much detail here because I’m sure you get the point. But since our house was built in the 1930s, I am always scared to use any kind of wipe. I found these flushable ones and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Pearl Headband 


Here’s the truth — I bought a super expensive headband with metallic gold stars on it. And within one second of wearing it, one of the stars fell off. Never again, I said to myself. And so I ordered some similar ones on Amazon just to see if I liked it. Well – let’s just say I can’t really tell a difference and will never spend that much again!

Facial Mask for Puffiness and Headaches


As I mentioned above, my allergies have been SO bad, that I have to bring meds with me wherever I go! This also means that I am extra puffy! No amount of water or facial massage was helping so I ordered this ice mask! I love it so far – it’s super refreshing in the morning and does seem to work. You can wear it with the bead side facing in if you want a more intense coldness. It’s also supposed to be great for headaches, too!

Ten Pack Twisted Headbands


I got these for washing my face and doing my makeup but because they are so cute and twisty – you can totally dress them up and make them super cute! Comes in a ten pack which I love! Something to match every outfit!

Just Banana Runts

I bought one of my friends a five pound bag of runts as a joke — but also not. And then I wondered if they made just banana runts because they’re my favorite — sure enough! Amazon to the rescue! Am I the only weirdo who loves banana candy?

5 Slot Travel Sunglass Holder


This thing is a game changer! Something I also use for shooting, but anyone can use it for storage and travel!

Cheetah Print Swift Runs


I found these from my girl, Natalie Kennedy! The swift run is already one of my favorite workout shoes, and I just couldn’t resist this print! I needed new ones anyways so it worked out.


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