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Emily’s February Amazon Favorites

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Every month I LOVE rounding up my Amazon favorites and this month is extremely special because we just so happen to be doing an amazing Amazon share week with a group of wonderful women. I hope you have been enjoying all their finds as much as I have. Also – if you’re new around here and you found your way here by means of that Amazon share group – welcome! We are SO thrilled to have you here!

Shop Emily’s February Amazon Favorites:

Grey Bomber Jacket:

This bomber jacket is SOOO cute for spring and summer! It is super comfy too! I love wearing men’s clothes, and this is no exception!

Off Shoulder Long Sleeve: 

This tee is one of the items I get asked about most lately. I wear this tee in different colors all the time and it is just SO cute. It is off shoulder, $21, comes in 15+ colors, and is just SOO cute!

Amazon jean shorts:

When I started trying on my favorite Agolde jean shorts, the number one request was for a more affordable pair. These are stretchy, perfectly distressed, and I think if you’re looking for a decent jean short at a great price – these are it. I love my Agolde jean shorts 100x more – but these are a great dupe. That’s how they made my Emily’s February Amazon Favorites list!

Gooseneck Kettle :

This teapot is the absolute best and you all went wild for it when I showed it on stories. It has a built in temperature gauge, it heats quickly, and it is just SO beautiful!

Caroline’s Bathing Suits: 

These are my favorite bathing suits for little girls. I love that they are UPF 50 as well!

Boot Hangers: 

I hate letting my boots slump over in my closet – so these hangers totally solve that problem!

Acrylic Dividers:

These acrylic dividers can be used for everything! I use mine for purses and sweaters, but it really runs the gamut. Heck you could even use them in your pantry!

Eyeglass wipes:

I buy these in bulk and I use them on everything from my phone, to the kids’ iPads, to sunglasses! They are such a great screen cleaner and sunglass cleaner as well!

Car activity center: 

These activity centers were gifted to us  from my friend Susan. She said that they were a game changer when she and her kids drove to Disneyland. Our kids loved them for coloring with their scented markers.

My new favorite multivitamin: 

Ashley recommended that I start taking a multivitamin when I started getting sick again. I started taking these and immediately felt better. They are specially formulated for women who are under stress. You take one in the morning… They don’t upset your stomach… And they just make me feel better overall.

Microfiber Washcloths:

I use these washcloths every single night and I am so happy to say that hundreds of you have made the switch! These washcloths = Better cleansing. If you have blemish prone skin, these are for you. They help get all that makeup and grime off of the skin. How they work: Use a damp washcloth at night with your favorite cleanser to remove makeup and daily grime. They come in a pack of 12 so I use a new one every night and then wash them in the washing machine on the weekends.

ChooMe Pouch Top:

These pouch tops are THE best things ever! They stop your kids from squeezing their pouches and spilling all over themselves. They are TRULY amazing!

Lavender ruffle dress:

This ruffle dress is under $30 and the perfect dress for spring and summer.

Crochet beach top:

I got this as a cover-up for our San Diego vacation… But I ended up wearing it with a tank top underneath and jean shorts. It is such great quality and so cute!

White coverup: 

This white cover-up is seriously the cutest!

Orange bikini: 

I tried this orange bikini on on stories a couple weeks ago and you all went wild for it. It is such great quality for under $30 and it comes in so many different colors.

Flash cards:

I got these flashcards for our drive down to San Diego.

Travel drawing set for kids: 

This travel drawing set was such a lifesaver for our trip!

Anti anxiety dog bed:

This dog that was the surprise best Amazon purchase I made this month. The bed is specifically formulated to be anti-anxiety for any dog and it comes in a TON of different sizes. I personally like the tan color best. We have both. The extra large is the perfect size for Charlie to grow into!

Gold Squeegee:

My husband is a squeegeeing fanatic. I just hate the way they usually look in our showers. Until now! This gold squeegee looks AMAZING!

Liquid probiotics:

These probiotics are the best selling probiotics in the United States. They help with your gut health. Which helps with your overall immunity. I love that they are plant-based, gluten-free, and I love that they don’t need to be refrigerated.

Boys’ Swim Suits:

 I got the swimsuits for the boys for our trip to San Diego. They are under $20 each, so cute, and really amazing quality. The anchor and Nantucket red ones have the anchors embroidered into them. I couldn’t believe the quality for the price.

Polka Dot Midi:

This polkadot mini dress is really the perfect dress for traveling and for spring and summer. You can roll it up into nothing and it takes up no space in your suitcase.

Elderberry gummies:

Joe and I take the adult version of these gummy’s to keep our immune system’s in tiptop shape during cold and flu season and the kids take the kids variation.

Really intense purple shampoo:

This purple shampoo is amazing. It takes away any brassiness you may have. Be warned – if you leave it on your har too long, your hair will turn purple! 

B complex vitamin: 

If you needed some extra energy, this B complex vitamin is seriously the best. I love this brand of supplements. They have incredible reviews too!

Straw bag: 

Truly just the perfect straw bag for spring and summer

Turmeric Supplement:

I started taking Turmeric to boost my immune system a week and a half ago, and I know I got over a nasty sinus infection – WITHOUT antibiotics – because of the supplements I started taking!

Jean Jacket:

Ashley found this jean jacket and I fell in love with it! I got it in the size medium because I wanted it to be oversized and fit over my shoulders nicely when I wear it draped!

Button Down Tank:

This tank is ADORABLE. I have had it for 2 summers now and I am always reaching for it. I love that it is a tad oversized and the tortoiseshell buttons give it a little something extra. I really love that it washes well and looks adorable with everything!

Lace Coverup:

This white lace coverup goes with everything from swimsuits to jean shorts! It is $35 and one of my favorite pieces in my closet every summer!!


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