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Emily’s July 2019 Amazon Favorites!!!

Reno Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek shares her July 2019 Amazon Favorites - the famous back massager, a $20 poncho, beach supplies... you name it!

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Happy Weekend Everyone! I know that there is nothing you all love more than our Amazon favorites posts. Gahhh… why is Amazon so amazing?!?!? It really is the best thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! I always feel like there are so many fun things that we find on there. Whether it be a beauty product, like the glycolic cleanser I am loving… or a fashion item, like the $20 plaid poncho in this post… or a fun gift for your kiddos, like this plasma car (I always ride it around with Caroline)… there really is something for EVERYONE!

I hope you enjoy my July 2019 Amazon Favorites. If you do, send us an email or a DM. We love to hear from you!

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Yellow Embroidered Tunic Top: 

This tunic top is SO adorable. It is $20 and comes in a TON of colors. I am wearing the size small and I love that it will easily take me into fall with tan booties and this tan hat! 

Pearl Headbands:

I wear these pearl headbands ALL the time and they are just SO cute! They really are the perfect addition  to ANY outfit! At just $9 a headband, they won’t break the bank and you can buy multiples!

Jergens Sunless Tanning Foam: 

This tanning foam is seriously 1/3 the cost of the other sunless tanning foam I was using and it works SO much better. It dries in 60 seconds and the smell is also MUCH lighter than the other tanning foam I was using! Hallelujah! I use it on my body probably 2-3x a week for THE perfect tan! Get the mitt >>> HERE.

Hyaluronic Acid:

Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in your skin and when applied topically is SUPER hydrating. I love this gel like serum when my skin is feeling dry. During the summer that is OFTEN. At just $15 and with over 8,000 amazing reviews… this one is a no brainer!

Back Massager: 

We have been raving about this back massager for over a year – and  let me tell you – if you’re not one of the thousands of people who have bought it… jump ON THE TRAIN! It has almost 9,000 amazing reviews! Just a word to the wise… you absolutely can overdo it. I leaned into it so hard the first time I used it, and I was SO sore. We both use ours nightly. It really helps work out any back or neck tension you may have!

Beach Umbrella:

I love the stripes on this one and it is UPF 50. We’ve been using it all month up at Tahoe and I am very happy with it!

Beach Towels:

I’ve written about these beach towels in the past – but they really are just THE best. My mom got them for up at the lake house – but I finally caved and bought two sets for our home in Reno. OBSESSED!

Beach Toys Set:

For whatever reason we always lose our beach toys every year – so I don’t mind grabbing an inexpensive set here and there. This set is amazing. $17 – 18 toys… and they come in a netted bag so you’re not transporting all the sand home with you! It is such a steal!


I have talked about our bed sheets before as well – but I just placed an order for more. 🙂 I am addicted to having tons of extra sheets and at just $35 for a king set… these won’t break the bank. They are so soft, super durable, and I just really love them. They have almost 3,000 positive reviews – so I am definitely not alone!

Dish Towels:

These dish towels are the absolute best. I just bought a couple of extra sets because they look super rustic after they are washed and I love using them as napkins for summer entertaining! They are just $11 for 12 towels – if you were shopping for Potter Barn napkins you’d spend over $100! That, to me, is crazy!

Microfiber Washcloths:

These washcoths have are one of my holy grail secrets to great skin. I use them damp – and they literally help pull the makeup off my face. They are SO amazing and at under $20 for 10 of them – they are such a deal!

Outdoor Glasses:

I was always worrying that the kids would be knocking over our drinks when we were outside… not anymore. I can also send these outside with the kids too if they want “big people” cups.

Sparkler Candles:

These are more like firecrackers – but we keep them on hand for everyones birthdays!

Heel Scraper:

Trust me when I tell you – your heels are not ready for summer shoes unless you’re using this regularly. It gently files off all that dull dead skin and leaves your feet/heels feeling silky smooth every day!

Ear Scratchers: 

These are the ear scratchers I brought for ashley – but be sure to use at your own discretion. They feel good, but always be careful putting anything in your ears.

Opal Ice Machine:

This is the ice machine that Ashley and I both bought on prime day. It is so amazing. The ice makes every beverage THAT much better!

Felt Fedora:

I bought this fedora in literally every fall appropriate color. Not only are  they adorable – they are totally perfect for disguising that day 5 of dry shampoo hair!

Sun Hat:

This sun hat has been my skin’s saving grace this summer. It gives you such full coverage.

Fall Poncho: 

This fall poncho is SO adorable. It comes in a bunch of different fall prints and is perfect to wear with the hat I linked above and some matching booties! It is just $20 – at that price point it just can’t be beat!

Glycolic Cleanser: 

Glycolic cleanser is such a great addition to anyone’s skincare routine. Glycolic acid is one of those chemical exfoliators and it helps with fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne. I am obsessed with this gentle formula… with over 500 positive reviews and at just under $20 – this face wash is a no brainer!

Shower Cap:

Someone asked us to find a good shower cap, and this one is comfy and cute! The best of both worlds.

Beach Wagon:

Since we have been heading up to Tahoe so much lately… this wagon has been a game changer.

Magnet Board: 

This is such a great activity for kids that you can take on the go. I saw it at one of my friends’ houses and I immediately bought two for our plan flight to New York for my sisters’ wedding!

Plasma Car:

I will post  a video on instagram, but my boys were gifted these and they race around the house on them. They are such a great gift for any child, they last forever, and they are so big – even I can fit on them!


I just added this toothbrush to my morning routine and it is such a game changer! It helps with whitening too!

Baby Sun Hat:

This hat is UPF 50 and such a great addition to our Supergoop! sunscreen!

Melatonin Gummies for Kids:

These gummy vitamins have the perfect amount of melatonin to help William sleep through the night!

Faux Large Sunglasses: 

I bought these for the 4th of July – just for fun, but they have become one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses! They look almost exactly like my Celine ones!

Facewash Headbands: 

Ash and I both love these headbands for washing our faces. They keep our hair dry and our faces clean.

Pearl Earrings:

The large pearl earring trend is SO in and I found two amazing pairs for so much less than other places!

Caroline’s White Tees/Longsleeves:

I was having Caroline wear all these ridiculous dresses and then I saw that she was struggling to crawl and walk because her knees were getting caught in them. SO I ordered her a bunch of these easy tees and bloomer shorts and she was like a new kid!

Caroline’s Bloomer Shorts / Seersucker Shorts:

These are the shorts that she wears every day and she loves them!

Caroline’s Bows: 


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