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First Mother’s Day: A Letter to My Baby

Baby Joe,

My son, my little tooty man, my perfect angel, my sweet boy, my first baby, you, have changed my life and you’ve only been here for three months. It’s my first Mother’s Day as your mama and I have some things to say.

When I first met you, I knew nothing would be the same. You don’t know this, but sometimes I watch you sleep and just cry because I love you more than I can ever put into words. It takes everything in me to not pick you up and hold you 100 times every night.

When we first found out about you, I had no idea that you would be so much  more perfect than I had imagined. I didn’t think it was possible. You amazed me from the start.

From day one, you showed us your personality.  You do things on your own time, after all, it did take you 28 hours to come out and meet the world. You know what you like (milk and cuddles) and don’t like (sun and a wet diaper). You are a fighter, and you handle setbacks like a champ – we learned this when you were just hours old and had a dislocated hip.

I knew how much you would need me, but I had no idea how much I needed you too. You completed a part of me that I didn’t even know was missing. You have made me a better person, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Everything about you is just perfect. From your big head to your cute little toes. You’re perfect because you’re you and I hope you never forget that. With every smile, every milestone, every late night, my heart just fills with pride to see you growing and changing. My mama told me to cherish all those late nights when it’s just you and me and those are my very favorite moments. I wish I could freeze time, but I know you have big dreams to chase.

My favorite part about you is seeing how your dad is with you. You made us a family and I hope you grow up to be just like him:  loyal, determined and always standing up for what you believe. I hope you will always be kind, even when the world isn’t kind to you. I hope you always put family first. I hope you always feel safe. And I hope you learn to love just like he does.

I just feel so lucky that I get to be your mom. I promise to always love and protect you. I will always keep you safe, I promise. I will do everything in my power to give you the best possible life. I know this because I learned it from the best.

Know that I am always in your corner. I hope you are always true to yourself and know that you can do and be anything you want (except a Seahawks fan). My love for you will never waiver, only grow stronger.

Being a mom is hard, but loving you is the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

You’re going to change the world someday sweet boy, you’ve already changed mine.

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