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My Favorite Pregnancy Products


My Favorite Pregnancy Products

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal, from Two Peas in a Prada is sharing a comprehensive list of her favorite pregnancy products. She is breaking down every single item she has sworn by the past nine months.

This post came highly requested by you guys right before the holidays! And now that I am almost at the end as I write this, I have had a good nine months to really think about all the products that I have been using throughout this pregnancy. So whether you are newly pregnant yourself, or wanting to get a gift for a friend who is expecting — this list is going to be very comprehensive! Check out my first-trimester survival guide >>> HERE.

My Favorite Pregnancy Products

I am the first person to own my shit, and I admit it — I have kind of been the worst about writing about pregnancy. In the beginning, someone made a comment that really rubbed me the wrong way about how I was posting too much maternity – but in reality, I really was making an effort to not post too much pregnancy or maternity content because I know not everyone wants to see that. It was extra hard for me because I am already a size L, so I couldn’t just size up in most items, I had to actually wear maternity.

Part of that struggle was also not wanting to lose myself in all of this – and pregnancy made me into someone I didn’t recognize – mentally and physically. But, more about that another day. So I kind of just didn’t write about it at all. But when we asked for feedback about 2020 content, motherhood came up more than anything else. So it’s time I start sharing more, and I know it’s not going to be for everyone, but hopefully, they will bookmark it for when it does, or send to a friend when they become pregnant! This was the last pregnancy product post I wrote if you want to check that out too!



I wear one of these every single day. I ordered some maternity denim in the beginning but never ended up reaching for them. I am just so much more comfortable in leggings, and that’s how I was before I got pregnant too. I was so glad to find out that they made my favorite leggings in maternity too – these saved me!




If there was one thing I bought too many of during the past nine months, it’s pajamas. But these are the last things you want to feel tight. I embraced this at the very beginning and sized up in my favorites. The XL still fits me almost at the end, and I didn’t have to buy any maternity PJs. I also plan on taking these to the hospital and wearing them for a few months after. I love that they are nursing friendly too.


Oversized Tee


I truly lived in this tee once we moved to Reno. Long gone were the days of working out in a tank or sports bra. I wore this to the gym, I wore it around the house. And I just ordered two more on size down for after the baby comes!

Basic Tops


I am very proud of myself that I didn’t spend a ton of money on maternity clothes. I got a few items here and there — mostly for special occasions like my baby shower or maternity photos – but I pretty much just layered on top of basic tops from Old Navy! I always bought them on sale and they held up well this whole time. I got tanks, tees, and long sleeves all in basic colors and those were good enough to last me the entire time!

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy


I still have stretch marks don’t get me wrong, but I am hoping using this every morning will help them fade faster! It’s also super moisturizing which feels amazing on my itchy skin. I did so much research about all of the products out there, and this one seemed to be the most effective. I will update you on this once I am post-partum.


GloPro Body Attachment, Oil & Sculptor


When I first started getting stretch marks, I totally freaked out. I DMed Jamie O’Banion – founder of BeautyBio (aka the GloPro) and asked her what I could use. She graciously sent me the body attachment, body oil and the sculptor lotion. I put on my Mederma in the morning and I use this every night when I get out of the bath! Even if it doesn’t help the stretch marks, I know that the skin on my tummy is staying extra hydrated!

Prenatal Vitamins



When my second-trimester nausea hit, I think it was from my New Chapter Prenatal vitamins — which totally sucked because I know they’re the best ones for you – but once you add in the DHA it was 7 pills a day and my body just couldn’t handle it. I went back to these ones that I was first taking at the beginning and it got so much better.


Preggie Pops



My doctor recommended I keep these in my purse and by my bed for when I was feeling nauseous. They do seem to help – especially the lemon ones!



Joe bought this for me, and I am so grateful. I use it to change my laundry- grab socks off the floor etc.


Barefoot Dreams Blanket



My love for this blanket runs deep, but during pregnancy, it was even deeper. I was at home and snuggled up so much more and it just made everything so much better. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without using it in years — I even packed it on our honeymoon, lol.


Diffuser & Peppermint Oil



You guys recommended that I diffuse peppermint oil to help with my nausea! And it really did work. Just don’t use this if you are breastfeeding because peppermint can lessen your milk supply – who knew. I’ve really liked my diffuser throughout the entire pregnancy, and am even bringing one to the hospital.



I kept these in my kitchen, in my purse, in my car, by my bed, in my bathroom, at my parents’ house – literally everywhere because they were the only things that helped my nausea most of the time! This little holder came in handy for keeping the crumbs out of my bags.

Back Scratcher


I had this exact back scratcher when I was a kid and when I read about how itchy pregnancy can be, I reordered one. Let me tell you – I use it every single day.


Foot Massager


My poor husband can only give be so many foot rubs. This thing is a miracle worker — pregnant or not I definitely recommend this! I love that I can sit in it and work while getting relief for my poor swollen feet.


Back Massager


Again, a product I already used every single day, but found even more appreciation for when I was pregnant. At the end you are just so sore and swollen everywhere. I would sit with this on my lower back and calves for hours right when I would get out of the bath – it was the only thing that brought relief!


Bubble Bath


Speaking of baths – I took one every day. My tub allows me to put my feet up comfortably and the hot water was the only thing that helped my soreness. My belly never really fit in the water so that wasn’t an issue. There were nights when I would just cry in the middle of the night because I was feeling so sick or in so much pain, and Joe would just tell me to get in the bath and it always helped immensely.




If I could give you any pregnancy tip at all: naps and water. Drink double the water you think you need to. My worst days were days I didn’t drink enough. Keeping this tumbler full all day helped make that happen.


Softy Straws


These are my fav straws! These also helped me stay hydrated. I put these in my Yeti whenever I left the house, it helped to ensure I was drinking a ton of water even when on the go.




Pregnancy books were the only books I read throughout my entire pregnancy, until last week when I read a ton of Personal Development books for THIS POST. I do felt they helped to ease my anxiety and made me feel more prepared. These would all be amazing gifts too!


Weighted Blanket


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I suffer from anxiety pretty bad. Pregnancy made this 100x worse. There were nights I was in so much pain and so sick to my stomach I would just cry and cry leading to panic attacks. The only thing that would help was a hot bath followed by laying on the couch with my weighted blanket. I swear it’s the only thing that made me feel comfortable.

Compression Socks


I learned my lesson the hard way by starting out my pregnancy with cheap socks from Amazon. I’m sure they helped a little but now that I’m in my ninth month and my swelling is wild, someone recommended these ones to me. Within a day, my swelling has gone completely away. You can totally feel the difference, and I am even sleeping in them. I feel like it’s a miracle I can see my ankles again – I just wish I bought them sooner. Since it’s super hard to bend down, I get the wide calf version because they’re a little easier to put on!


Lacrosse Ball


You can take the girl away from Barry’s – but I took lots of skills I learned from release class into pregnancy with me! I wish I could put into words the pain I felt in my feet the last 9 months. And for me, it started right away! Rolling my feet on a lacrosse ball at the end of the day helped SO much. I also used them on my hips! There are a ton of YouTube videos on how to do it if you aren’t sure!


Granny Panties


Sexy? No. Comfortable? Yes. Necessary? Yes. I don’t normally wear underwear at all, but with pregnancy comes a lot of extra fluids and so I had to find some that I liked but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money.

Belly Bandit


Love this for extra back support! It’s super discreet under your clothes and helps your lotions stay on your belly!

Bouncy Ball


At my first doula meeting, she suggested that I get this ball for the last stretch of pregnancy. You can use it to stretch, sit on if everything else is uncomfortable, and also use it during labor. For me, it helps loosen up my hips and relieves lower back pain.

Billie Razor


Haven’t been able to see my vagina in months, but shout out to the Billie for keeping me groomed!

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal, from Two Peas in a Prada is sharing a comprehensive list of her favorite pregnancy products. She is breaking down every single item she has sworn by the past nine months. Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal, from Two Peas in a Prada is sharing a comprehensive list of her favorite pregnancy products. She is breaking down every single item she has sworn by the past nine months. Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal, from Two Peas in a Prada is sharing a comprehensive list of her favorite pregnancy products. She is breaking down every single item she has sworn by the past nine months.

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