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The Top 10 New Mom Products You Actually Need

Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada talks about the Top 10 New Mom products you actually need - from the best pump, to the best bra, to the best face oil.

This is a continuation from my last post – The Top Ten Baby Products You Actually Need. When I was writing that post, I found that there were just too many products new moms need to fit it all into just one post. Organically the products separated themselves into two categories… products for moms and products for babies. That being said – here we go – the Top 10 New Mom Products You Actually Need. 

Just like the last post… whether you are expecting, have a newborn, or know someone who is having a baby soon… my hope is that you find this list informative or useful, and that you share it! I am all about empowering other women to lead their best lives, and SO much of that starts from home. All of the products on this list have made my life better or easier in some way, and I hope they do the same for you or someone you know!

In this post, I’m sharing the postpartum corset I love, the bible study that has helped me get my mind right, and the bra that you need – nursing or not. I hope you enjoy!

Shop My Top 10 New Mom Products You Actually Need: 

Postpartum Corset: I read heavily about postpartum corsets after I had William, and I am here to say, I’m a 100% believer. They suck your stomach muscles back in, they give you additional back support, and they promote skin tightening. I love this one (below). My girlfriend, Emily, asked what the crotch hooks were for… well… it’s so you don’t have to take the whole thing off when you go to the bathroom. It is very snug when you have it on, and very hard to get on and off – so you definitely want one with crotch hooks. As for sizing… I have three different sizes. I start with the Medium for the first week postpartum,  then I was in the small for the next 4 weeks, and finally I have moved to the XS. If there was one size to skip – I would skip the largest size. It’s going to feel very tight for weeks – but that is totally the point!


Aesop Hand Soap: In those first few weeks you are constantly washing your hands and so are all of your visitors. Make it a spa experience for everyone and stock your kitchen and powder room with this hand soap. It is my absolute favorite – it smells out of this world – and the small pieces of pumice in it ensure that everyone’s hands are super clean.


Pump: While I know there are a myriad of amazing and cool new pumps out there on the market, I’m sticking with my OG pump. It’s cheap, it works, I can take it on the go with the battery pack… and all in all… it has lasted for three pregnancies in three years… it’s good.


Hydroflask: When you’re breastfeeding, you’re literally supposed to drink your body weight in water. This water bottle keeps your water ice cold overnight (great for those night sweats) and it helps keep me on track for my water intake. Be sure to get the straw lid – it makes me drink SO much more water!


Comfy Bras: These “butter bras” are not nursing bras. They’re just THE softest bra out there that allows you to pull it down to nurse. I don’t know about you, but when I am nursing, my nipples get SO sore at first, and I just want THE softest bra out there. Well… I’ve found it and it is SO amazing! They don’t call it the “butter bra” for nothing!


Breastfeeding Friendly Dresses: One of the most frequently asked questions I have gotten lately via instastories is for breastfeeding friendly dresses. Well… I have found a ton, and they’re all below! You’ll notice that most of them have buttons down the front for easy access! Also this jumpsuit >>> here is my all-time favorite breastfeeding friendly outfit.


Becoming Mom Strong: I have been taking part in a bible study based on this book for the past five weeks, and let me tell you, it’s been nothing short of life changing. By focusing on parenting in a different way, this book has helped me look at myself, my marriage, and my children in a whole new light. Sometimes it takes coming back to God to remember why we do what we do – and for that – I will be forever thankful to this book. It has made me ask myself some difficult questions, but it has also comforted me as well. It has taught me to not focus on the little things, the little fights, the little tantrums, but to try to see the bigger picture. It’s taught me that parenting my child’s heart for the future is the goal, not picking the fight over what shoes we’re wearing. In addition to all those lessons, the main thing I’ve taken away from this book is to be more intentional in listening to God in my parenting, my marriage, and in my life. It has made a HUGE difference for me, and I know it can for you as well.


My Favorite Undereye Concealer: It’s no secret that new moms are exhausted. The only way I was able to hide it was this concealer. From melasma to dark circles, it covers everything.


Breastfeeding Friendly Sleepwear: This sleep romper is my go to for sleep right now. I wear the butter bra underneath it, and I just pull them both down to nurse during the night. Plus – it is super cute and sexy – so you can wear it long after you’re done nursing. It comes in three colors and runs TTS, I wear the small.


Bouncy Ball: Sometimes I don’t want to meander my hallways at 2am trying to soothe my baby. For whatever reason, the bouncy ball does the same trick. All my kids have hated the glider we have… so… the ball is cheaper than the glider, works better, and can be used later for exercise.


Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter/Disposable Nursing Pads: My girlfriend from college who just had a baby was asking about the nipple pads I used, and I realized I could write a whole post just on my after shower/getting dressed routine. So what I would do – every day –  for the first month and a half postpartum –  is prep my undergarments prior to getting in the shower. I would lay out my butter bra, undies, pad, nipple butter, and breast pads, all in a pile on the back of the toilet. Then, after the shower, I could just go in there and get everything taken care of. After every shower I would slather my nipples with the Earth Mama Angel Baby Balm, and then I would put on the disposable nursing pads, and then the bra would go over it.


A Good Dry Shampoo: This Dry Texture Spray makes THE best dry shampoo! I use it every day! When you’re a new mom the last thing you have time for is a shower – so this helps you fake it till you make it.


All Natural Skincare – Tata Harper:  I just started using this skincare line when I had Caroline (it is all natural) and let me tell you… I am HERE FOR IT. I love it so much, the ingredients are amazing, and it smells divine. Not to mention – my skin is responding SO well to it.


Ninja Blender: When you’re a new mom you need all the extra protein you can get – so this little blender I got from Amazon is my life when it comes to making protein shakes in the morning!




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