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Emily’s New Mom Gift Guide


Emily’s New Mom Gift Guide

Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares her top items for her New Mom Gift Guide - her favorite gas drops, bible study, and the best bra!

Whenever anyone I know needs to buy a new mom a gift – without fail – they always come to me. 3 pregnancies in the past 5 years will do that to you. Now that Baby Joe is here, I figured it would be the perfect time to put together this little New Mom Gift Guide. I’m including all the things I was reaching for in those first few months, and some other gift ideas that will help any new mom. Spoiler alert I’ve included – my favorite bible study made just for moms, my favorite candles, the softest bra, and THE most luxurious lip balm! Heck, even if you don’t have a new baby at home… you’re going to want to check this New Mom Gift Guide out!

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1.) Candles: Whenever I was first at home with the babies – I was obsessed with lighting candles in our room – right now this one  is my absolute favorite – and that is why it is number one on my Gift Guide: For The New Mom!

2.) Luxurious Lotion: When your skin is getting back into shape, it is so nice to have a luxurious body lotion to slather on after a bath!

3.) The Butter Bra: This bra is exactly what it says – THE softest, best, nursing friendly bra – that isn’t a nursing bra. Obviously it had to go on my New Mom Gift Guide.

4.) High Waist Leggings: These were and still are my favorite leggings to wear – postpartum. They hold you in and suck in your post-baby belly. I wear mine all the time so they had to make my New Mom Gift Guide list!

5.) Water Bottle:  It is so important to stay hydrated in those early breastfeeding days and this waterbottle with the straw lid absolutely did the trick!

6.) Dry Shampoo: Washing my hair was pretty much the last thing on my To Do list in those early weeks. Having some GOOD extra dry shampoo on hand is SO amaizng!

7.) La Mer Lip Balm: THE most hydrating lip balm out there… it is SO luxurious… and it tastes amazing! The Gift Guide: For The New Mom just would not be complete without it!

8.) All Natural Skincare: This is my FAVORITE natural skincare line.

9.) Pillow Spray: This pillow spray smells divine, relaxes you, and helps you sleep more deeply. All amazing things for a new mom!

10.) Cozy Robe: Those first few weeks – I literally LIVED in my robe and slippers

11.) Slip Ons: These are my favorite slippers of life – and so good for those beginning days with a baby.

12.) Jammies: New moms can never have too many nursing friendly and cozy PJs!

13.) Becoming Mom Strong: This is the best bible study for any mom.

14.) Tote and Organizational Insert:  A classic purse that you can use for years past your kids’ infant stage? AMAZING!!!

15.) Nipple Butter: This is the best nipple butter I’ve found. I’ve used it with all three babies and it is the only thing that fully healed me.

16.) Nose Frida: Even if she is a second or third time mom – an extra nose frida is always appreciated. Babies are always congested and can’t clear their nasal passages themselves. This little device helps with that!

17.) Gas Drops: We swear by these Little Remedies gas drops – we have used them with all our kids.

18.) Mittens: Babies scratch themselves all the time – Caroline is the worst about it. These little mittens help with that.

19.) Heated Blanket: I just got this blanket and I am obsessed with it! Any new mom in your life will love it too!

20.) Bellefit: This is the post-partum corset that I have used ever since I had William three years ago. I have it in multiple sizes!

23.) Meals: Whenever one of my friends has a baby, I always bring food. If you live far away you can send meals with this service >>> here.

24.) Initial Necklace: These make great gifts – and you can personalize with all her kids’ initials – or her baby’s name! You can use the code: peasprada15 for 15% off!

25.) Dry Brush: Dry brushing can help with skin elasticity! Something we all need after delivery!

26.) Billie Razor : As you all know – we LOVE the Billie razor and we are so happy you are all loving yours too!

27.) Aesop Hand Soap: This is THE best hand soap in the world – as you all know. SO many of you have made the switch. It has little pieces of pumice in it and it smells divine. Literally every time you wash your hands feels like a luxurious spa experience. With a newborn at home, I was always washing my hands and so were our visitors. It is so nice to have a great hand soap available!

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