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Resources For Parents During Social Distancing

Hi Everyone.

COVID-19. First and foremost Ash and I are sending you all the love in the world. We’re all in this together and I hope that this post helps you in some way during this anything but normal time. We have already posted a list of our favorite indoor activities to do with your kids >> here, but we wanted to expand upon that list to include the many accounts and institutions that are helping parents with activities during this time of  social distancing – and thus homeschooling.

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I admitted on Instagram stories over the weekend that I am bad at this. I never wanted to homeschool my kids. I’m not crafty. I have a really short temper (working on it). And I am not well versed in childhood development or education. But I do have a choice, as we all do.

I’m rising to the challenge. 

It’s the only way to look at this. No matter what your situation, we can all use this time as an opportunity to find ways to be better. Maybe it’s by digging deep and giving your kids what they need, all while working a full time job. Maybe it’s by doing all you can to keep your mental health in tip top shape. Maybe it is donating to those who are in dire need. FYI -Ashley and I have donated to The Northern Nevada Food Bank if you are from Reno and looking for a local way to help families in need. Maybe it’s taking some time every day to check in on a neighbor – from a distance – who may need extra care. Maybe it’s as simple as giving grace to those around you as we all navigate this new world we live in.

Whatever your situation is, we all have the opportunity to rise to the occasion and be better. We can all try to work on ourselves. We can also help to lift up one another.

That being said, I hope this list of resources for parents during social distancing helps you do just that. I will be updating it frequently! Please comment with any additional resources you may know of!

Resources For Parents During Social Distancing:

Instagram Accounts: 

Give all of these accounts a follow – from ideas of what to feed your littles, to educational ideas, to arts and crafts… each of these accounts has a little something for everyone.

Feeding Littles

Busy Toddler

Little Ones Learn

Mother Could

Playfully Primary


Let me be the first to admit that Joe and I will be giving my kids their tablets when we need to work, or if we both need a break.  As much as we all need to be strong for our little people, please take care of yourselves too. If that means giving them a tablet with some ABC mouse going on… DO IT.

Joe and I are both will be working from home – full time – for the foreseeable future. Believe me when I say… I know we are some of the lucky ones who can. That being said, we have no help, as many parents do not at this time. Anyone that could potentially help watch the kids (even for a few hours) would have to self quarantine for at least 5-7 days before we would allow them in our home at this point. So – we’re doing what we can – and these tablets will help when we need to give the boys a distraction. They are on mega sale now! This is what we use because of the easy to use parental controls.

Amazon Fire: Was $100 – on sale for $59.99 for a limited time


Joe’s cousin is an elementary school teacher – and she has been sending me some amazing channels to have the kids watch  on Youtube. They are super interactive, they help the kids move their bodies. They are amazing.  I will have her send me more and I will add them here! Obviously please monitor what your child is watching. We play our Youtube through our TV, so we are watching and doing these programs with them.

Patty Shukla

Cosmic Kids

Mo Willems – Lunchtime doodles


ABC Mouse

Reading Eggs


This is a MASSIVE list! 

  • The list above is a little overwhelming – but such a great resource. That is why I have broken out my favorites in this post.

Scholastic Books



The Kahn Acadamy

The Cincinnati Zoo – Facebook Live

All In One: Christian Based Homeschooling

Homeschool Workbooks: 

180 Days Workbooks: These workbooks are homeschool guides for all ages. I got the full set for William

Big Preschool 





Candy Land 


For Parents: 

Museum Tours Online

Things to remember:

  • This isn’t going to be perfect right off the bat
  • Do what works for your family
  • Get outside
  • Move your body
  • Eat healthy – and take your vitamins (this always makes me feel better)
  • Open your windows – fresh air is always a good thing
  • Check in with your mental health. If you’re not feeling ok – please seek professional help
  • Take care of yourself! Ashley has some great self care tips >>> here

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