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The Best of Kids and Baby Gear


The Best of Kids and Baby Gear

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As a third time mom, I’ve been around the block as far as kids and baby gear is concerned. By now I know exactly what works and what doesn’t. That being said, I’ve scoured the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and compiled all my favorites.

If you’re looking for yourself or for someone who is about to have a baby – look no further. There are SO many amazing deals on kids and baby gear, and I was SO happy to break it down for you. As always – if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me. I LOVE talking about these things!

Shop My Favorites in Kids and Baby Gear: 

The Bugaboo: This is the stroller we use for our babies, and IMO it is worth EVERY cent. It is well made, it drives like a dream, and as an added bonus – it is easy to assemble and to clean. Also – we took it all over Europe with us. It got beat to hell on all the flights, but you cannot tell at all. It really is 100% the highest quality. I know for parents who live in bigger cities, the Nuna is all the rage because of how narrow it is. I got a chance to use one the other day and it was amazing as well. I will say, it doesn’t feel as nice, or drive as well as the Bugaboo does, but to each their own.

Baby Bling Bows: I love these bows – and truthfully they are all that Caroline will wear right now. Plus – I love that they never leave a mark on her head like some of the other brands

North Face and Patagonia Jackets: Because we live in Reno, our kids need good winter jackets – and because they grow out of them SO fast, it is hard to swallow paying full price. But during the Nordstrom sale, I don’t feel bad stocking up on these staples. Most of the jackets are only $50 as opposed to $80 when the sale ends.

Adidas and Nike Shoes: I feel the same way about name brand shoes for kids. They just run through them and grow out of them SO fast. That makes this sale the perfect time to pick up some Nikes/Adidas for my little guys. I LOVE my own Nike Cortez shoes, so I had to pick some up for the boys.

The Dockatot: The Dockatot wasn’t around when I had William, and I bought it in a moment of weakness when I couldn’t get David to sleep through the night. The rational side of me said – “NO WAY I AM SPENDING THAT MUCH MONEY ON A PIECE OF FOAM.” The sleep deprived part of me said, “I WILL SPEND ANYTHING ON A PIECE OF FOAM — IF IT GETS MY CHILD TO SLEEP.” Sure enough, David’s favorite place to sleep was in the Dockatot, and Caroline sleeps in it now too. New moms – or anyone who is shopping for a new mom – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SALE. It is the best money you will ever spend.

Tucker and Tate: Tucker and Tate is one of my favorite brands for our kids. It is Nordstrom exclusive and they have THE most adorable designs. Caroline loves their leggings, and I am obsessed with these mixed media jackets for the boys. William is also OBSESSED with his red and blue plush robe. We bring it everywhere – to swim lessons, the lake, the bath. Your kids will love how cozy it is!

Hudson Jeans: We were gifted a pair of these jeans from my friend, Megan, and I cannot get enough. They look amazing on both our boys and they are such amazing quality (so soft). I got 3 pairs for each of our boys for fall.

Babiators, Ruffle Butts, Rugged Butts, and UV tents: We are obsessed with our babiators- both of the boys can’t leave the house without them- and at this price – I mean… why not? Ruffle Butts/Rugged Butts make THE cutest SPF 50 swimsuits/swimwear. And this UV tent ensures that your little ones can have fun in the sun all summer long – without any worry of a sunburn.

Little Giraffe Blankets: These are THE best blankets – we have them for all our kids – and I love to gift them to new moms as well. They are just SOOO soft!

Natives: My boys live in these shoes. Any time I can scoop them up at a discount, I take FULL advantage.

Halo Sleep Sacks: The swaddle sleep sacks are Caroline’s favorites and we have used them at night with all my kids. This is like THE brand as far as sleep sacks go, and IMO you can’t go wrong with having one in every size.

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